Rental cars parked in a line.

About Our Fleet Wash Equipment

At NS Wash, we apply our years of expertise to make washing your fleet more manageable and less costly. Clean vehicles can mean a lot to customers. A clean fleet can improve both the quality and reputation of your business, presenting both a more appealing and more hygienic space for your customers’ items. This is […]

NS Wash Corporation’s Smart Gate Car Wash Blower system.

The Smart Gate Car Wash Blower

Car wash blower equipment is ubiquitous in the vehicle wash sector. From retail car washes to transit and fleet wash systems, “elephant ears” are everywhere. Still, your run-of-the-mill car wash blower is not without its flaws. As many of the vehicle wash experts will attest, blowers are loud and temperamental. Many car wash blowers are […]

NS Wash Corporation’s New Wheelix Car Wheel Brush

Introducing NS Wash Corporation’s New Wheelix Car Wheel Brush

The Wheelix Brush, as the name implies, is a wash system wheel brush with a special twist. The new multi-diameter HELIX brush design gives this wheel brush unparalleled reach for deep cleaning the most stubborn dirt in your customers’ wheels and hubcaps. If you’ve been looking for a way to give your car wash customers […]

Black car goes through a conveyor car wash.

Why Conveyor System Maintenance Matters

Without a reliable car wash conveyor system, your car wash is more or less a hand wash business. A crucial piece of equipment for any automated vehicle wash operation, keeping your conveyor working smoothly should be central to your car wash maintenance routine. Preventative car wash maintenance is easier and less costly than replacing your […]

Red city bus drives through an intersection.

The Best Bus & Train Washing Systems: About Our Transit Wash Systems

Cleaning a conventional car is a complex task in itself. While your customers might only see the pristine choreography of brushes and hoses working over their vehicle, any wash operator knows that the engineering and coordination behind that elegant display is a job of constant monitoring and updating. This becomes only more complex once you […]

NS Wash’s Excalibur Over-Under system

Excalibur Over-Under Conveyor

Believe it or not, car wash conveyor systems have relied on largely the same mechanism for the past 50 years. Despite advancements in technology, spring tension systems have defined car wash conveyor systems across the industry, despite their various drawbacks. NS Wash Corporation’s Excalibur System offers a whole new mechanism to replace the tension spring […]