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Introducing Blast Tracker, A Complementary Arch for a New or Existing Bus Wash System

A Problem Solver Specially designed for your company or school district’s transit buses, Blast Tracker sets a new standard of innovation for flawlessly washing the exterior, front vehicle area of your fleet that includes hard to clean headlights, mounted bike and luggage racks, and driving mirrors. With one pass through Blast Tracker, unsightly dirt and […]

Using the Nautica 4M System for School Busses

N/S Corporation has been leading the wash system industry for over 50 years with our innovative technologies and cutting edge patents. With over 70 patents filed by our founder, G. Thomas Ennis, we provide the reliability, quality, and standards our customers our looking for. All the effort we put into our systems makes our school […]

Atlanta APTA Expo

Every three years, the team at N/S Corporation takes a trip to attend the APTA Expo and showcase the new products and innovative technologies we’ve recently developed. This year the show took place in Atlanta. Next year the show will be in NS’s backyard, Anaheim. As a growing company, N/S Corporation wants to connect with […]

Jerzy Boyz Teams Up with N/S Corporation

A San Pedro Car Wash Installation When N/S teams up with local cash wash, we love showcasing the amazing results we’ve created with our car wash installations. Recently, our team completed the installation of a car wash for a valued customer, Jerzy Boyz Car Wash, in San Pedro CA. Read on to learn what a […]

Our Friends at Redondo Car Wash

Eco-conscious car washes are becoming the industry standard because along with helping our environment, they reduce waste and cut costs for car wash facilities. Because of the new initiative to go green, Ken Crow and Chris McKenna of Redondo Beach opened a car wash with a commitment to being more environmentally conscious, complete with eco-friendly […]

Installing Foam Brushes

Bus, Train & Car Wash Foam Brush System Are your fiber brushes at the end of their useful life? We’re here to help! At N/S Corporation, we specialize in delivering state of the art, easy-to-use products for your car wash facilities. We’ve developed a new product that will revolutionize the future of car wash technology. […]

Market Misperceptions on the N/S Bubblizer

Car wash owners and operators have an obligation to offer the best possible services to all of their customers. With the popularity of modern car wash systems, there is a lot that goes into delivering outstanding service. From introducing innovative car wash equipment, like the N/S Bubblizer, to new car wash solutions, like automatic waxing […]

NS Flex Coupling Maintenance

Background: The NS Flex Coupling was designed specifically for transit and car wash machines by our owner/founder Thomas Ennis to withstand the rigors and abuse seen in drive through wash systems. The coupling is designed and tested to 12,000 pounds pulling force and flexibility up to 90 degrees under the most extreme conditions. Our Flex […]

Omega coupling maintenance

NS Corporation uses the Omega Coupling as a drive element for our Top Brush cleaning element, vacuum producer, and most of our pump systems. To ensure continual operation and eliminate unexpected downtime of your equipment, monthly inspections of the Omega drive coupling are essential. NOTE: LOCKOUT TAGOUT ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT PRIOR TO INSPECTION OR REPAIR. When […]