Beautiful NS Conveyor Car Wash

When it comes to innovative car wash technology, N/S Corporation has been a leader for more than half a century. Our expertise at keeping vehicles clean covers every aspect of the industry, and we know how to keep fleets of commercial, rental, and professional machines sparkling for a long time. While we have a lot of different styles when it comes to vehicle wash setups, one of our most popular is the beautiful N/S Conveyor Car Wash system.

Built with Tough, Reliable Equipment

In developing our patented Conveyor Car Wash system, our engineers put together this popular patented equipment. The famous Bubblizer technology gives every inch of vehicles an even application of suds to take on tough grime. These are followed by heavy duty touches, including rocker panel brushes, wrap brushes and mitter curtains, which are used to break up harmful dirt clusters before your vehicle is thoroughly rinsed. Rinses can include high pressure early in the wash cycle to blast off dirt, then less pressure in the final rinse cycles. The final touch of this system is a gentle scrubbing with our popular Lammscloth technology that will give your vehicle an extra smooth finish.

Whether you have an existing vehicle wash system in place for your fleet or need something new from the ground up to keep vehicles clean, N/S Corporation has the technology to help you thrive with our conveyor style facilities. All of our systems are designed to be eco-friendly with top of the line water reclamation systems, assuring that your business will be as green as it is effective.

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