Car Wash Promotion Ideas for Your Grand Opening

Now Open signStarting a new business can be worrisome, but the excitement of breathing life into a new venture is an incomparable feeling. Due to the exponentially rising number of vehicles that are going to hit the road this year, demand for a quality car wash that is easily accessible is higher than ever. With some quality equipment and some great car wash promotion ideas, you can take your new wash business to the next level. Here are some important modern marketing concepts to keep in mind.

Incentives, Incentives, Incentives

Let’s say that you decide to open up a new retail car wash in your neighborhood, which is already saturated with established businesses. For the average local consumer, there must be a good reason to visit a newly established wash rather than visit the dependable one they’ve been going to for years—and there’s no better reason than saving some money. One of the best car wash promotion ideas is to offer deals and other various incentives to drive up consumer interest in the first few months of business. Know the demographic and estimated size of the customer base in your area, and make sure you only dish out enough service discounts that you are still able to somewhat recoup your initial operational costs.

Go Digital

Many new car wash businesses are beginning to offer virtual tours of their washes, especially when they have state-of-the-art wash systems to display. By building a solid online presence, you can become visible to consumers outside your normal area of reach. Word-of-mouth marketing is often confined to city limits, but digital marketing has no bounds. Not too familiar with digital car wash promotion ideas? Partner up with other related, non-wash businesses that are digitally savvy and return the favor by promoting their business to your customers.

Assemble an Experienced Team of Wash OperatorsCar wash employee cleaning

Car wash promotion ideas are as only as effective as the team promoting them. Even though many modern car wash systems can be operated remotely through electrical control panels, good customer service still reigns supreme in consumer satisfaction. Make sure your employees know how to quickly address any operational issue that may arise, and try having a group of team members offer a towel dry or wax service for new customers post-wash. Besides their contribution to success on-site, more team members means more people spreading the word about your company outside of business hours.

Boast the Most Advanced Equipment in the Industry

Nothing says more about a business than the quality of the product or service that business offers. If you are thinking about starting a retail or transit car wash business, then you should consider the cutting-edge car wash systems from N/S Corporation. Since 1967, N/S Corporation has been the leader in the retail and niche transit car wash industry, making all of our patented parts in a 60,000 square foot factory in Inglewood, CA. We’ve worked with thousands of new car wash business owners who are looking for effective car wash promotion ideas and reliable equipment, and we’d be happy to assist with yours. Contact us today to find out more.

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