NS Washes new, Transit Mitter Curtains.

Introducing NS Wash’s NEW Transit Mitter Curtain!

Evolving With Our Customers You may have noticed buses looking a little different these days. Newer more eco-friendly bus designs bring many welcome new features: better seating design, more reliable safety features, and, in the case of any buses across the US, relocating mechanical and system equipment to the roof of the vehicle. As bus […]

Starting a Self-Service Car Wash: Helpful Tips & Priorities

Keeping any business running and profitable is always a challenge. Car wash facilities are no different. Equipment and supply costs must be kept low to maximize potential revenue. If you are looking for a new way to make money in the vehicle wash industry, consider starting a self-service car wash. Because self-service car washes operate […]

The Best Cleaning Materials for Your Bus Fleet

The cleanliness of your vehicles says a lot about your company as a whole. An efficient bus wash system is the key to maintaining busses that are consistently clean and ready to impress passengers. Additionally, a cutting-edge vehicle washing system with modern car wash supplies saves your team a significant amount of time and money, […]

Bus Wash and Train Wash Systems: How do Trains and Buses Keep Clean?

If you’ve ever caught a public bus or train, you would have noticed the number of people who are constantly getting on and off—bringing their dirt, germs, and spilling sticky drinks. In the rainy season, mud gets trampled all over the floor and cold and flu particles fly all around—making frequent cleaning of paramount importance […]

Our “Bubblizer” Arch: Create a Halloween-Themed Wash

Going to the car wash doesn’t have to be a dull experience for your customers. Equipment like the Bubblizer arch from N/S Wash combine brightly colored soaps, lighting, and more for a car wash theme that makes for a memorable customer experience. The Bubblizer is perfect for creating a custom look at any time of […]

Risks of Letting Soap Residue Accumulate in Car Washes

Water and soap are the most basic, fundamental components in ensuring each vehicle that goes through your business is as clean as possible. Yet, there are a number of safety and maintenance considerations that any business owner needs to manage. As technology develops to create more powerful car wash soap sprayers that can handle the […]

The Chemistry of a Good, Clean Vehicle Wash

How people wash their vehicle has come a long way in recent years. No longer will grabbing any soap straight from the cabinet do. Aside from there being a push for car wash chemicals to provide a more thorough cleaning of vehicles, those chemicals have to be more eco-friendly too. Whether you are looking for […]