car wash with dinosaurs

Green Forest Car Wash – Bell Gardens – Grand Opening

Green Forest Opens its third car wash as NS continues to dominate the local car wash market in Southern California. In the past six months, N/S has built seven new tunnel washes and there are plans for another eight on current drawing boards. Local entrepreneurs appreciate having their equipment manufacturer in their back yard and they also appreciate N/S’s approach to themed car washes.

With so many car wash options present in the market today, it can be increasingly difficult to distinguish your business from competition. At N/S Corporation, we approach standard car wash operations with innovative and interactive themed facilities geared toward separating your business from others. In coordination with N/S Corporation, Green Forest Express Car Wash in Bell Gardens, CA recently opened their business with a uniquely individual approach, subsequently dominating their local car wash market.

car wash with dinosaurs

Innovative Technology and Fun Themes

N/S’s themed car washes are a huge hit, and Green Forest Express Car Wash is just one example. Each themed car wash implements innovative technology and a partnership commitment to help local entrepreneurs become successful in the car wash industry.

Instead of creating a standard facility with typical equipment, the Green Forest Car Wash was built around a dinosaur theme. Kids of all ages enjoy the vibrant colors, themed décor on the wash components, and even the dinosaur statues guarding the entrance and exit of this incredible tunnel wash system. This elevated experience takes the mundane task of visiting the car wash and makes it exciting, fun, and memorable.

The system employs several patented N/S Corporation innovations, including a state of the art “volcano” Bubblizer, which combines dazzling lights with patented foaming technology that evokes a “wow factor” for the customers. The location also employs our popular water reclamation technology that makes it eco-friendly.

The location is part of an effort to expand Green Forest Car Wash businesses nationwide. For those in the Bell Gardens area, make sure to check out the location to experience some of the latest innovations that N/S Corporation has developed.

car wash conveyor

The Excalibur Conveyor – Our Newest Product!

car wash conveyor

Excalibur Manual

The car wash is a highly competitive industry that mandates the latest in wash technologies and systems to stay profitable in business. With our patented Excalibur Conveyor system, N/S Corporation can help you achieve your business goals and integrate the latest innovative solutions.

A Heavy Duty Solution

Our new Excalibur Conveyor system improves on car wash technology that experts have depended on for more than 50 years. This heavy duty equipment was designed to solve common problems, including the reliance on compressed air to maintain chain tension, hard to reach lubrication points, the need of a come along, and the time needed to perform standard maintenance.

This advanced Excalibur Conveyor system features:

  • Guide rails made of ultra high molecular weight polymer that are attached externally to protect against wheel damage.
  • High density polyethylene chain guides that reduce abnormal chain wear and lower maintenance cost.
  • High or low profile rollers for controlled car movement.
  • UHMW Polymers with a molecular weight that is 10 times that of conventional high density polyethylene resins.
  • A foot operated manual roller call-up with lock.
  • Single point lubrication of roller call-up bearings, idler sprocket, and screw jack.
  • All stainless steel hardware.

N/S Corporation offers the Excalibur Conveyor system in electric and hydraulic models. Guarantee a heavy duty solution for your business by choosing innovative technology that integrates into your current car wash. With N/S Corporation, increase your production level, decrease operation costs, and work with only the latest, patented solutions.

Automatic car wash system

Don’t Hose Me Man!

N/S Themed Car Washes are emerging all over Southern California.  Think outside of the box.  Let N/S manufacture your themed concept today!

N/S Corporation has next generation car wash systems built around engaging themes and latest innovations to create an experience that is fun and memorable. Instead of having customers idly wait while their vehicle is pushed through a standard wash tunnel, think outside of the box and get on board with N/S Corporation Themed Car Washes.

Themed Facilities

Blend Décor and Technology for a Memorable Wash Experience

Our themed facilities are emerging all over California and beyond. N/S Corporation can create a customized concept for your facility that employs colorful décor and lighting effects along with patented equipment to create a dazzling facility. N/S has created chemical applicators, rinse arches and custom brush pelts to fit emerging and creative themes.

Depending on the needs of your facility, our popular Bubblizer technology can be equipped with different features to complement the overall theme. The Bubblizer is a complex system that functions on letting bubbles drop on the vehicle to wash away grime and dirt particles. This cuts down on application time and cost. Different additions can also create a distinct system to contribute to the “Wow!” factor and differentiate your business from its competitors.

Some features include:

  • Multi-use chemical applicator arch that creates a dazzling light show.
  • Improves chemical efficiency for use with soap or wax.
  • Mounts to 4”x4” square anchor, 6”x6” square bulkhead, or 4” round arch.

With an easy installation process, you can add the Bubblizer and other themes quickly to existing facilities or have N/S Corporation to create something entirely new to accomplish your goals. Whether you want a rock and roll 1950s era throwback or a prehistoric dinosaur theme, N/S Corporation’s concepts and technology are a great pairing to push your business ahead of the competition with an unforgettable experience for all ages.

Beautiful NS Conveyor Car Wash

When it comes to innovative car wash technology, N/S Corporation has been a leader for more than half a century. Our expertise at keeping vehicles clean covers every aspect of the industry, and we know how to keep fleets of commercial, rental, and professional machines sparkling for a long time. While we have a lot of different styles when it comes to vehicle wash setups, one of our most popular is the beautiful N/S Conveyor Car Wash system.

Built with Tough, Reliable Equipment

In developing our patented Conveyor Car Wash system, our engineers put together this popular patented equipment. The famous Bubblizer technology gives every inch of vehicles an even application of suds to take on tough grime. These are followed by heavy duty touches, including rocker panel brushes, wrap brushes and mitter curtains, which are used to break up harmful dirt clusters before your vehicle is thoroughly rinsed. Rinses can include high pressure early in the wash cycle to blast off dirt, then less pressure in the final rinse cycles. The final touch of this system is a gentle scrubbing with our popular Lammscloth technology that will give your vehicle an extra smooth finish.

Whether you have an existing vehicle wash system in place for your fleet or need something new from the ground up to keep vehicles clean, N/S Corporation has the technology to help you thrive with our conveyor style facilities. All of our systems are designed to be eco-friendly with top of the line water reclamation systems, assuring that your business will be as green as it is effective.

Concept, Latest Technology Sets Wash Apart


Hesperia, California is the home of one extraordinary car wash. 5 Minute Xpress Car Wash opened their doors last December. On opening day, 5 Minute Xpress washed all the town’s fire trucks while the firefighters stood by collecting donations for muscular dystrophy. The fanfare included an enormous car-shaped balloon flown in from China. 5 Minute Xpress is truly making a positive stamp on the community.

Mini Express Car Wash System


Imagine a way to soap, wash, and wax up to 60 cars per hour. Introducing the Mini Express Car Wash System from N/S Corporation. The system simply requires a garden hose, electricity, and a little bit of space. Building your car wash empire has never been so easy. Experience incredible energy and space efficiency with the Mini Express Car Wash System.

A Car Wash Leader Reflects on a Half Century of Success


Thomas Ennis wasn’t your normal kid. At 16, his parents took him to a football game at Marquette University. Since he wasn’t allowed into the game because he was too young, he spent the day wandering around town by himself. Where did he spend most of his time? The car wash. He was instantly fascinated, and within three years, he had started a car wash of his own. Ennis wasn’t satisfied to just set up the business and sit back either. He attended conferences on car wash technology, and he has consistently stayed ahead of the curve for over 50 years.

Since the 1960s N/S Corporation has been a car wash industry leader. Constantly on the innovative edge, N/S Corporation has seen success over the decades to include manufacturing equipment used by operators in all corners of the industry. Founder Thomas Ennis recounts the success of N/S Corporation to the first wash in Inglewood, CA.

Getting Started in the Business

Ennis’s interest in the car wash industry began unconventionally when he was only 16. During a trip to Milwaukee, Ennis was disallowed from attending a university football game due to liquor laws. Instead, he wandered around and spent the majority of his time at a car wash. With an instant fascination, he thought over every facet of the business before getting the chance to own his first operation just three years later.

Finding His Footing

Running his own car wash wasn’t enough for the young entrepreneur. Instead of just letting it earn money, he dove head first into understanding the industry and technology. Ennis attended conferences, studied manufacturers, and examined competitors to find an edge that would allow his business to thrive.

Turning to Manufacturing

After attending his first conference in 1963, Ennis turned his focus to being an equipment distributor for California Car Wash Systems. Since he was knowledgeable about the various aspects of how to fix the equipment at his own operation, he also knew the needs that other operators had. From there he launched N/S Wash Systems as a supply and service company. Now, N/S Corporation stands as the longest running car wash manufacturing company in the world and has stayed ahead of the industry’s curve for more than 50 years.

Vehicle Wash Systems: What to Know Before You Buy


Keeping your transportation fleet in tip-top condition is essential if you want your business to maintain a good name in the industry. If your buses or cars are consistently dirty, people will notice and it will reflect on the public perception of your operation. Using a high-quality wash system is an essential part of keeping your fleet in good standing. N/S Wash specializes in custom wash cycles for all kinds of vehicles, from small cars to giant buses. Don’t risk dirtying your business’ reputation by relying on a surface-level car wash.