Blast Tracker

Introducing Blast Tracker, A Complementary Arch for a New or Existing Bus Wash System

Blast Tracker

A Problem Solver

Specially designed for your company or school district’s transit buses, Blast Tracker sets a new standard of innovation for flawlessly washing the exterior, front vehicle area of your fleet that includes hard to clean headlights, mounted bike and luggage racks, and driving mirrors. With one pass through Blast Tracker, unsightly dirt and road grime from your buses will be on its way down the drain.

The system works quickly, providing a professional-grade bus wash. Most wrap around brush systems have difficulty cleaning around projected mirrors and bicycle racks. We recognized that a new solution was required to clean these hard to reach places, so we created one.

True Blasting Power

BlastTracker’s name is a concise description of what it does: It blasts away accumulations of natural and manmade substances from the exterior surfaces of a bus, as the vehicle enters the washing lane. The touchless tracking system prevents scratches and helps preserve the natural gloss of a bus’ paint job. Other key specs of the Blast Tracker bus washing system include:

  • High-impact, anti-clog nozzles
  • Uses reclaimed water
  • 80% recycled aluminum frame
  • Single 40 HP pump for efficient operation
  • 208-230V / 460V TEFC energy-efficient monitor
  • Safety contact bumper
  • Made in the U.S.A.

The operation of Blast Tracker is highly efficient, making it an excellent option for companies and organizations that require a fast turnaround for cleaning buses and getting them parked by the end of the day, or for quickly returning them to the road for continued service. The front exterior of your buses will stay cleaner than ever before — and customers will take notice.

Easy Implementation

Blast Tracker is a stand-alone bus washing system that has a small footprint for the thorough cleaning power it provides. Consisting of an aluminum arch equipped with strategically positioned, high-impact, anti-clog spray nozzles, the system can be implemented in spaces where placing a conventional wash tunnel may be impractical or impossible.

In addition, the Blast Tracker can be added to an existing bus washing lane, as a complementary device, likely at the entrance of the bus wash. Some bus fleets have evolved over the years, and changed their bus configurations. For example, adding bike racks might require the addition of the blast tracker to enhance the coverage of an existing bus wash system.

The spatial and mechanical simplicity of the system also make it more affordable and efficient to implement than many conventional systems that perform similar work. This makes Blast Tracker an excellent bus wash option for metro transit companies and schools that have limited ground space and/or a fixed budget for vehicular maintenance.

Simple Maintenance

Blast Tracker is easy to service and maintain. Parts are easily accessible for service and, if necessary, you can order replacement parts straight from our website. Blast Tracker is an industrial-grade bus washing system that’s designed for years of reliable use, in all weather. You or your third-party maintenance provider can easily perform scheduled service on the system using the owner’s manual. Our product specialists can also provide maintenance directives.

Contact Us Today

Are you ready for the nose of your buss to look like someone spent hours cleaning it by hand? Treat your fleet to the best bush washing system for the job: Blast Tracker. For more product information or help placing an order, please call us today at 877-679-2741, or use our contact form. We look forward to serving you with the best wash systems and service in the business.

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