I’ve Bought My First Car Wash … Now What?

Car in a car washIt is truly an exciting time for the car wash industry. The number of vehicles (both for private and public use) is at an all time high, and the concern for a clearn car has never been more widespread. The options for a new car wash business are endless: retail washes, rental fleet washes, corporate transit washes, public transit washes, and many more. In order to get your car wash started on the right foot, you should use a car wash business model that is in line with your target consumer and overall goals.

Don’t Be Frugal With Marketing Costs When Starting a Business

In the digital age, we can’t emphasize enough that marketing is more important than ever. There are a couple of routes you can take with regards to promoting your business. You can employ a marketing agency, which can charge a pretty penny but will boast strong relationships with established advertising outlets. On the other hand, knowing how to market your business without outside help can be more affordable but will require more effort on your part. With any car wash business model, profitability shouldn’t be your number one priority in the first year of business. Instead, focus on gaining the attention of new customers and developing a strong, positive company image.

Learn About Your New Machinery

Many car wash owners either purchase brand new wash systems, or take over an existing wash with no prior knowledge of how these complex machines operate. Every experienced car wash owner knows that knowledge is key in any successful car wash business model. Knowing the operational basics of a car wash system, performing what little maintenance is required for upkeep, and constantly learning about how to make your wash more efficient can help you avoid any unexpected repair costs in the future. Many small problems have simple solutions, and knowing those solutions makes all the difference.

Establish a Relationship With Your Supplier

Calculating financial dataTake some extra time to talk with the company that you order your machinery or replacement parts from. More likely than not, they will have knowledge and experience about an efficient car wash business model that they are willing to share with you. For one, the highly trained team at N/S Corporation has worked with virtually every type of car wash system, and is ready to walk you through the planning and setup of your new state-of-the-art retail or transit wash. Not only can we recommend complete system layouts based on your target consumer, but we can also lend advice about how to streamline your wash for smooth long-term operation.

Share What You Learn With Your Team

Encourage your employees to learn about the wash system they are working with. A strong team will be a vital component of your car wash business model. Even if you are confident that you could run your wash without any help, it’s better to be safe than sorry when giving an employee any degree of responsibility. Treat your team as an extension of yourself and you are bound to see positive benefits. In addition, extensive employee training means that you can feel confident when having to leave your wash under the supervision of a shift manager if need be.

For more ideas on running your first car wash, call N/S Corporation and speak with a team member today.

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