N/S Corporation is an essential local business in Inglewood, CA. N/S manufactures vehicle wash systems and replacement parts for public mass transit and other critical infrastructure agencies.


Here you will find OEM shock hardware and replacement car wash shocks for your NS Wash ECO Wash fleet vehicle wash module.

Shocks play a vital role in the smooth operation of a vehicle wash. If a component on your shock goes bad, the shock may not apply the proper pressure to your brushes. This can result in too harsh, or, more commonly, too weak a wash or an inconsistent wash that doesn’t get the job done evenly.

Tip: When replacing individual shock components, be sure to readjust and test your shocks afterward to make sure that they’re providing the proper amount of strength to the brushes.

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8 Item(s)

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Find All the Shock Parts You Need

In addition to carrying complete replacement car wash shocks, we stock all of the critical individual replacement shock hardware components to keep your NS Wash system in proper working order, including the gas springs themselves, shock bushings, stabilizer brackets, and washers. 

Keep Your Vehicle Fleets Sparkling with NS Wash

 Here at our online store, you will find all of the critical vehicle wash equipment and OEM replacement parts that you need to service your NS Wash system. Always keep your vehicle fleets sparkling clean so that they can project a winning image wherever they go!

 If you need help finding the proper shock hardware for your wash or are interested in upgrading or expanding your wash facilities, contact us and we will be glad to help you out!