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Lammscloth Promotional Items

These colorful car wash hand mitts make great promotional items! Give them away as a customer loyalty gift, use them to market a special event, sell them on the shelf, or offer them as a premium option at self-service car washes.

All colors are sold in packs of 12.

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7 Item(s)

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Lammscloth: Our Best Cleaning Material

Each mitten is made of authentic Lammscloth™, our patented synthetic fiber cleaning material. This is the same material we use in many of the brushes and curtains, tire applicator pads, and other cleaning surfaces of our automatic car wash systems.

How It Works

In an automatic car wash, Lammscloth works by emulating hundreds of car wash hand mitts working together, applying the proper amount of soap and water and just the right amount of force to thoroughly clean a vehicle without unnecessarily stressing the finish. This gives a hand-washed result that won’t dull or damage a vehicle’s paint finish or clear coats—a compelling advantage for your car wash business!

Lammscloth is also a great material for actually washing a car by hand, and your customers will be thoroughly impressed at just how well these soft and colorful car wash hand mitts work.

Find Supplies & Equipment at NS Wash

At NS Wash, we carry all of the equipment and OEM replacement parts you’ll need to keep your car wash open for business and running smoothly.

If you need help finding anything for your wash or are interested in upgrading your wash facilities, contact us and we will be glad to help you out!