NS Wash Corporation’s Smart Gate Car Wash Blower system.

The Smart Gate Car Wash Blower

NS Wash Corporation’s Smart Gate Car Wash Blower system.

Car wash blower equipment is ubiquitous in the vehicle wash sector. From retail car washes to transit and fleet wash systems, “elephant ears” are everywhere. Still, your run-of-the-mill car wash blower is not without its flaws.

As many of the vehicle wash experts will attest, blowers are loud and temperamental. Many car wash blowers are plagued by laborious start-ups and stops that can quickly eat up the life of the motors. Additionally, most motors have a limit of around eight starts per hour, causing potential delays for your business, and your customers.

Innovative Car Wash Blowers: The Smart Solution

NS Wash’s new Smart Gate attaches to your blowers and eliminates the need for inconvenient starts and stops. The pneumatically-operated Gate control airflow into the impeller, increasing efficiency while reducing necessary operating power for each car wash blower. Put simply, the Smart Gate lets you leave your blowers on while saving power for you. Smart Gate has been shown to reduce power consumption on idle by half, as well as reducing power spikes during start-up and noise pollution, all while prolonging motor life and saving power.

Some of the Smart Gate’s car wash blower equipment features include:

  • Attachable to most system blowers.
  • Works with small air compressors (eight Gate req. 0.256 CFM).
  • Made of 75% Recycled structural aluminum.
  • Reduces power consumption on idle by half.
  • Easy installation, bolt-on design.
  • Proudly made in the USA

NS Wash Corporation’s Smart Gate car wash blower equipment.

Easy Integration

We’ve seen how the Smart Gate saves you money while increasing your wash operation’s efficiency, but at NS Wash high performance isn’t the only measure of quality. Our Smart Gate attaches easily to your car was blower equipment and are generally compatible with large and small compressors. This means that improving your car’s blower system won’t involve buying all new assets, such as frames, or even new blowers. The simple bolt-on design means also eliminates installation costs, and keeps maintenance convenient since you can easily remove a Smart Gate to clean it, and the car wash blower it regulates.

The Smart Gate works around a simple opening-and-closing feature. A closed Smart Gate reduces the electrical motor load by 50%, allowing bay managers to leave the blowers on for longer periods of time. This can be a huge time-saver for fleet and transit wash operations. Restarting a car wash blower presents significant draw on power supplies and presents delays for a washing business that can mean the difference in customer satisfaction and wash quality. Not to mention, utility companies charge power per consumption based on the average “peak” usage of your business. By reducing the number of starts your system has to make above 200 amps, the Smart Gate helps you pay less on power bills — and that’s a win-win for both you and your customers.

The Smart Gate also significantly cuts down noise pollution. Our studies show that, even with the gate in the “open” position, the noise from each car wash blower was reduced by more than five decibels, compared to an un-gated blower. The closed position, of course, significantly improves noise pollution, by around 10 decibels.

If you’re interested in making your vehicle wash more efficient while saving time and money, the Smart Gate is an essential piece of car wash blower equipment. Get in touch with us today to talk with an expert about how to integrate Smart Gate into your vehicle wash.

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