N/S Corporation is an essential local business in Inglewood, CA. N/S manufactures vehicle wash systems and replacement parts for public mass transit and other critical infrastructure agencies.


The 5M-420 (Series 5000) is the flagship of the N/S Transit Wash Line.  Inspired by our NYCTA design for high volume, heavy-duty use; the 5M-420 offers enhanced cleaning capabilities due to its dual pair of sectional Wrap-A-Round brushes and a pair of maintenance-free Side brushes.  A popular choice by large fleets and transit authorities, the 5M-420 is engineered for high volume and long life.


  • One pair of maintenance-free Side brushes.
  • Two pairs of sectional Wrap-A-Round brushes with air retract.
  • Oscillating scrubber.
  • Ladderized structrual aircraft grade aluminum construction.
  • Feather tipped brushes to ensure a thorough cleaning without disturbing the vehicle’s paint finish.
  • Variable density brushes that are designed to adapt to the unique configurations.
  • UL approved brush control panel and detergent injection system.
  • Lammscloth brush upgrade available.


System Dimensions:

  • Height: 14’5″
  • Width: 17’
  • Length: 33′
  • Vehicle Clearance Height: 12’ (higher clearances available)


Air: 1” compressed air line 100 psi


  • 2-step, high/low pH chemical application
  • Water recycling
  • Reverse Osmosis final rinse
  • Blower/dryer systems
  • Sewer discharge neutralizing system
  • Speed controlRed/green entry control lights

The finest in automatic bus washing machine technology, the 5M-420 (Series 5000) is the pinnacle of efficiency and quality. As one of the new lines of bus washes in the N/S Transit Wash Line, the 5M-420 is engineered specifically for heavy-duty and high volume use, inspired by our design for the NYCTA. Sport the cleanest vehicles in the transit wash industry with the 5M-420.

The 5M-420 provides superior and complete bus cleaning with patented innovations, from the Lammscloth cleaning components to the Ladderized construction to the Single Hung wrap around brushes. Additionally, its Super Flex couplings give additional durability to the wrap around brushes while also providing increased flexibility. This automatic bus washing machine has a dual pair of sectional wrap around brushes and a pair of maintenance-free side brushes that offer unparallelled friction performance and enhanced cleaning capabilities. Choose from optional upgrades, including reverse osmosis final rinse, water recycling, wheel washers, undercarriage washers, and vacuum systems.
One the most popular choices by large fleets and transit authorities, the 5M-420 is engineered for high volume and longevity. Join the revolution in the large vehicle cleaning industry with N/S’ top-of-the-line bus washing system.

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