5 Car Wash Business Ideas for the Modern Age

Starting up a car wash is very similar to starting up any other kind of modern business: establish a target customer base; reach out to that customer base and make your business visible to them; make sure the product or service you offer is up to par with your marketing; and establish incentives to bring in new customers seasonally and year-round. Of the multitude of car wash business ideas that exist, you only need to adhere to a few extremely important ones. With a mindset for success, you can drive your new car wash business to prosperity.

Bring Your Company Into The Digital Age

Yelp sign on doorAlthough the idea of a retail or corporate car wash isn’t new by any means, modern strategies to publicize and grow a car wash have emerged with the advancement of technology. In particular, digital marketing can allow for a business to reach new customers without traveling from door to door. Websites like Yelp and popular social media platforms like Facebook give businesses an opportunity to connect with their audience on a more personal level. Of all the car wash business ideas mentioned in this article, this may be the most important. Internet resources allow you to give others the chance to boast about their experience and in-turn strengthen the positive word of mouth reputation of your business.

Be Conscious of the Environment

Whether you share your views on environmental sustainability with the public or not, it is extremely important to keep eco-friendliness in mind when thinking of modern car wash business ideas. Not only is waste management a continuous expense, but the planet will only benefit from the use of water recycling and eco-chemicals—not to mention that a focus on “green operation” will do wonders for your public image. All Eco Saver car wash systems and layouts from N/S Corporation include an underground tank for water storage and recycling. They also offer above ground water recovery and clarification units that help reduce smells and groundwater contamination.

Build a Story Around Your Business; Invite Your Customers to Take Part

Visa payment cardThese days, consumers enjoy taking part in a bigger narrative—in other words, make your customer feel like they are contributing to a greater cause than just the cleanliness of their vehicle and putting money in your pocket. Many car wash business ideas deal with reducing operational costs, rather than smart ways to invest in your business and help it grow. What is your statement of purpose? By publicly focusing on environmental sustainability, for example, what do you plan to accomplish besides lowering waste management costs? Make your answers to these questions part of your aspiration, and make that aspiration obvious to your consumer.

Cash-only is a Thing of the Past

If you were to ask every potential customer to pay in cash, most of them would say that they don’t carry cash anymore. The advent of credit cards, mobile banking, and smart phones are forcing businesses to diversify the ways in which they take payment for their product or service. One of the smartest car wash business ideas you can utilize is allowing your company to harness the buying power of the modern consumer. This means taking paper, plastic, and any other type of digital payment that currently exists.

Visit N/S Corporation’s website to learn more about products and services that can help you build a car wash for the modern age.

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