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  • NS Corporation Announces Increased Deposit Rates

    Sep 11th 2023

    NS Corporation Announces Increased Deposit Rates

    As of September 15th, 2023, NS Corporation will be increasing deposit rates on upcoming jobs to a minimum of 50%. In this high interest rate environment, it is imperative that NS maintain a…

  • Rain Testing with Hitachi Rail

    Jul 24th 2023

    Rain Testing with Hitachi Rail

    NS Corporation is in the process of completing a rain test system for Hitachi Rail in Hagerstown Maryland. Hitachi is one of the leading rolling stock manufacturers in the world, as they have ove…

  • NS Corporation and Morelite

    Jun 27th 2023

    NS Corporation and Morelite

    Our partner Morelite joined NS Corporation at the car wash show in Las Vegas last month. NS featured Morelite’s state of the art foam pelts on our displayed machines as part of our Eco-Motion Brush P…

  • NS Corporation at ICA Show in Las Vegas

    May 11th 2023

    NS Corporation at ICA Show in Las Vegas

    NS Corporation exhibited in booth 1651 this year at International Car Wash Association’s (ICA) Las Vegas Show, and displayed a 90 Foot tunnel of their latest car wash equipment. The show was a r…

  • To Our Valued Customers

    Dec 9th 2022

    To Our Valued Customers

    235 West Florence Avenue, Inglewood, California 90301NS Corporation - 2023 Pricing- December 8th, 2022To Our Valued Clients:We would like to thank you for your loyalty especially over the past three y…

    Published by Chris Altschul, President

  • Apr 30th 2020

    Tips for Upgrading Your Car Wash Business This Summer

    Regardless of what it might mean for actual sales and numbers, summer represents a time of new opportunity and growth. Something about the summer months creates a sense of opportunity and amb…

    Published by admin

  • Jan 8th 2020

    Comparing Commercial Vehicle Wash Systems

    Comparing Commercial Vehicle Wash Systems  Most of our readers will be familiar with the sight of a car wash. For many, it’s an iconic sight, part of a car culture that helped to define Amer…

  • Jan 7th 2020

    Our Recent Installs: Bubblizer

    As a car wash owner or operator, your job is to provide superior service to satisfy your customers every time. The car wash equipment you use plays an important role in ensuring effective washin…

    Published by Admin

  • Dec 21st 2019

    New Car Wash Arch from SARA

    The arch is one of the most vital components of any car wash, and one of the most visually recognizable as well. Every place of business needs a tune-up now and again, and you can’t afford t…

  • Dec 17th 2019

    Our NS Wash Transit System Series

    Using dependable, efficient transit wash systems is vital to the success of your organization. We’re thrilled to present two outstanding NS car wash systems: the 3000 Series and the 5000 Series. Bo…

  • Dec 12th 2019

    How Reverse Osmosis Wash Systems Work

    Using a commercial reverse osmosis system is a great way to reduce waste, save money, and provide a better wash for your customers. A reverse osmosis car wash removes the dissolved solids such as s…

  • Aug 16th 2019

    Excalibur Over-Under Conveyor

    Believe it or not, car wash conveyor systems have relied on largely the same mechanism for the past 50 years. Despite advancements in technology, spring tension systems have defined car wash con…

  • Aug 15th 2019

    The Smart Gate Car Wash Blower

    Upgrade your blower equipment with a new car wash gate. Car wash blower equipment is ubiquitous in the vehicle wash sector. From retail car washes to transit and fleet wash systems, “elephant ea…

  • Aug 15th 2019

    About Our Fleet Wash Equipment

    At NS Wash, we apply our years of expertise to make washing your fleet more manageable and less costly. Clean vehicles can mean a lot to customers. A clean fleet can improve both the quality and…

  • Aug 15th 2019

    Why Conveyor System Maintenance Matters

    Without a reliable car wash conveyor system, your car wash is more or less a hand wash business. A crucial piece of equipment for any automated vehicle wash operation, keeping your conveyor…

  • Jul 1st 2019

    NS Corporation’s New Bangladesh Train Wash!

    Car washes are ubiquitous in the United States, appearing on busy streets and main drags even in the smallest of towns. Car owners are learning what NS Corporation has been aware of since it…

  • Jun 10th 2019

    NS Car Wash Systems: A History of Innovation

    “I just want to help our customers save and make more money by producing high-quality, efficient vehicle wash equipment.” —G. Thomas Ennis Thomas Ennis’s mission of innovation and resp…

  • May 31st 2019

    Introducing NS Wash’s NEW Transit Mitter Curtain!

    Evolving With Our Customers You may have noticed buses looking a little different these days. Newer more eco-friendly bus designs bring many welcome new features: better seating design, more…

  • Nov 14th 2018

    The Best Cleaning Materials for Your Bus Fleet

    The cleanliness of your vehicles says a lot about your company as a whole. An efficient bus wash system is the key to maintaining busses that are consistently clean and ready to impress passengers.…

  • Nov 8th 2018

    Risks of Letting Soap Residue Accumulate in Car Washes

    Water and soap are the most basic, fundamental components in ensuring each vehicle that goes through your business is as clean as possible. Yet, there are a number of safety and maintenance conside…

  • Oct 25th 2018

    How to Wash a Car Properly

    Every driver wants to make sure their vehicle stays in great condition. But proper vehicle care isn’t limited to performing routine mechanical maintenance; you also need to be washing it regularly,…

  • Oct 24th 2018

    Bus Wash! Have You Ever Wondered How to Wash a Bus?

    From bus wash sprayer systems to brick-and-mortar set-ups that run exactly like car washes, it’s not difficult to figure out how to wash a bus. A little bus wash soap, a little water, and a…

  • Oct 22nd 2018

    Our Guide to Car Wash Site Design

    Investing in Commercial Car Wash Equipment To have a successful car wash, you need more than offering the right commercial car wash equipment and services for customers. For your business to reall…

  • Aug 15th 2018

    Cold Weather Car Wash Prep

    Winter can be really tough on vehicles of all kinds. If you live in an area where the temperature drops to bitter levels and precipitation becomes frozen, you have to take all kinds of steps to pre…

  • Jun 21st 2018

    Why Consumers Prefer Professional Car Washes

    Professional Car Wash Equipment Everyone wants their vehicle to look sparkling and new. When it’s time to get rid of road grime that dulls a car’s paint job and wheels, some people bring ou…

  • Nov 2nd 2017

    Using the Nautica 4M System for School Busses

    N/S Corporation has been leading the wash system industry for over 50 years with our innovative technologies and cutting edge patents. With over 70 patents filed by our founder, G. Thomas En…

  • Oct 19th 2017

    Atlanta APTA Expo

    Every three years, the team at N/S Corporation takes a trip to attend the APTA Expo and showcase the new products and innovative technologies we’ve recently developed. This year the show too…

  • Sep 11th 2017

    Jerzy Boyz Teams Up with N/S Corporation

    A San Pedro Car Wash Installation When N/S teams up with local cash wash, we love showcasing the amazing results we’ve created with our car wash installations. Recently, our team completed the ins…

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