Why Consumers Prefer Professional Car Washes

professional car wash equipment

Professional Car Wash Equipment

Everyone wants their vehicle to look sparkling and new. When it’s time to get rid of road grime that dulls a car’s paint job and wheels, some people bring out a hose and a bucket, but most would rather not handle the job themselves. They prefer to have the work done by advanced professional car wash equipment. Below are eight reasons why many consumers would rather roll through your car wash instead of performing a weekend DIY wash job in their driveway.

1. Professional Washes Offer Thorough Cleaning

Perhaps the biggest advantage of utilizing professional car wash equipment is that it truly performs thorough cleaning. When vehicle owners manually wash a car, it can result in areas of the vehicle being unwashed. Usually, a DIY wash focuses primarily on the top and sides of a vehicle, but a top-notch, professional car wash delivers a more thorough approach.

The car wash can clean a vehicle’s undercarriage to eliminate salt and other road chemicals that collect during cold weather. If left unwashed, these chemicals can cause significant metal corrosion. This is why car wash equipment manufacturers have designed equipment to wash the underside of vehicles, ensuring that even the trickiest to reach spots are taken care of.

2. Consumers Consistently Get Quality Results

Another reason consumers prefer professional car washes is consistent wash results. Unlike manually washing a vehicle, the best professional car wash equipment cleans vehicles the same way, every time. When consumers use a facility, they don’t need to worry about getting great results on one occasion, and then mediocre results the next time around. They can be confident that their vehicle will be thoroughly cleaned every time they visit your facility.

3. Many Wash Facilities Strive to be Eco-Friendly

The push to be “greener” and more “eco-friendly” are drive many consumer purchases. Washing a vehicle at home involves soaps and chemicals that could harm the environment, especially as the waste water from the wash job flows into storm drains and onto lawns during rinsing.

Car wash equipment manufacturers can combat these issues by implementing more environmentally friendly wash technologies. Many professional facilities have water recycling and chemical waste disposal systems that help them shrink their environmental footprint. These technologies simply aren’t available when consumers wash manually on residential property.

4. Vehicles are Left Free of Exterior Damage

Washing a vehicle at home might seem like a reliable way to avoid vehicle damage, but many consumers learn that they can actually damage their car’s appearance if they aren’t careful. Brushes, sponges, and other common tools used for hand washing can scratch vehicles, as small particles from accretions become trapped and pressed against a vehicle’s exterior. A properly constructed car wash uses equipment that will not damage any part of the vehicle.

5. Saves Lots of Time on the Washing Job

Between work and other commitments, many people don’t have much down time. Consumers often choose to wash their car with professional car wash equipment simply because it’s faster than a DIY job. Why waste a Saturday afternoon manually washing your vehicle, when you can go to a car wash and have the hard work done for you in minutes?

Considering how much time can go into prepping, cleaning, and rinsing when performing manual car washing, the expedience of a professional wash simply cannot be matched.

6. Convenient Washing While on the Go

Most vehicles don’t become badly soiled when they sit in a driveway. It’s the road conditions and terrain they experience during driving that causes them to collect layers of debris. Using professional facilities, drivers can easily clean a vehicle while on the go. If their vehicles get dirty due to weather or the terrain they travel, consumers don’t have to set aside time for manual washing. They can simply roll through your wash and have their vehicle clean for the next day.

7. Modern, Cost-Effective Technology

Top car wash equipment manufacturers are constantly engineering new, more modernized technologies for wash facilities. Some of the new hardware helps facilities become more cost-effective than washing a vehicle at home. Thanks to new generation professional car wash equipment that is offered at top-of-the-line wash facilities, there is no need for customers to purchase wash resources for cleaning vehicle areas that traditional wash technology did not.

8. Additional Services May be Offered

When someone washes their vehicle in their driveway, the wash job is the extent of the wash experience. But many professional facilities decide to offer more than just exterior cleaning. In addition to vehicle washing, some commercial car washes offer value-added services such as interior detailing for vehicles, vehicle maintenance products, and commonly purchased consumer products such as snacks, drinks, and other convenience store items.

This makes going to a car wash an experience consumers can’t get elsewhere. In addition to having their vehicle cleaned inside and out, they can pick up items they would otherwise purchase at a gas station or grocery store, creating a one-stop service experience like no other.


Professional car wash equipment has come a long way in recent years. In addition to the offering of new services, advancements in technology help explain why many consumers strongly prefer to use professional facilities instead of washing their vehicle at home.

By partnering with a proven car wash equipment manufacturer like N/S Corporation, your facility can offer high-quality, eco-friendly solutions for cleaning vehicles that not only save consumers time and money, but also provide consistent wash results with no damage or grime left behind. If your car wash is in the market for new, better equipment, explore our range of solutions today.

Infrared Scanning: How it Enhances Car Wash Maintenance

Running a car wash facility can be costly, especially when a breakdown occurs. Performing proactive car wash maintenance can minimize downtime by identifying potential issues before they become major problems. Infrared scanning for equipment maintenance is a useful technology for this purpose. Utilizing a thermal scanner can have major benefits if implemented properly.

Get Precise Readings

Like many types of commercial equipment, professional car wash equipment can heat up from repeated use. While some machines come with a thermometer or temperature readout, these devices are not always effective at gauging temperatures in every part of the machine.

By including infrared scanning that uses thermal imaging as a part of your car wash maintenance service plan, you can scan individual areas on machines to get the most accurate temperature readings. When a temperature reading for a particular area runs abnormally hot, it can indicate a potential problem that may eventually require a repair.

Problems Scanning Can Identify

Unusual temperature outputs are often the first sign of damage or malfunction in many machines. Using infrared scanning, you can keep a closer eye on equipment and note any concerning fluctuations. Infrared scanning can identify concerning fluctuations by:

  • Monitoring bearing temperatures in large motors
  • Identifying “hot spots” in electronic equipment
  • Identifying leaks in sealed vessels
  • Finding faulty insulation or terminations
  • Locating overloaded circuit breakers
  • Identifying fuses at or near their current rated capacity
  • Identifying problems in electrical switchgear
  • Capturing process temperature readings

As employees conduct car wash maintenance based on infrared scan results, they can use the address areas that require special attention, handling the issues before they cause a breakdown.

Cost Factors and Benefits

While thermal imagers are popular for predictive equipment maintenance, smaller facilities might hesitate to buy them outright and incorporate them into their car wash maintenance plan. Like any hi-tech tool, the initial cost can be high. You also have to consider time spent training staff.

However, once the initial investment is made, many facilities see a savings of 30-40%, according to the Federal Energy Management Program, as maintenance costs and breakdowns are minimized. With that said, for facilities that don’t have the budget to acquire infrared scanners, infrared scanning can be performed as a third-party maintenance service for a reasonable fee per scanning session.


The best car wash maintenance services focus on preventative instead of reactive maintenance.
When you focus on being proactive rather than reactive with equipment needs, you can see big savings, as breakdowns are minimized.

Whether you decide to use your own scanner or receive scanning from a third party, incorporating infrared scanning into your car wash maintenance can help locate problematic issues before they become severe. Even though N/S Wash does not currently perform infrared scanning, we recommend considering implementing it in your equipment maintenance plan.

Start a Car Wash: Creating a Scheduled Maintenance Plan


A car wash is only successful when it is profitable. To accomplish the goal, you need your equipment consistently in top shape. Whether you are starting a car wash or have been in operation for years, receiving scheduled car wash maintenance is essential for ensuring that equipment operates properly.

Routine maintenance is crucial for minimizing repairs. If you need help developing a plan, or you are looking to improve maintenance already performed at your facility, the following suggestions can be helpful.

1. Determine How Often Equipment Needs Maintenance Service

Before developing a schedule, it’s important to look at the specific needs of your equipment. You can learn about maintenance requirements by consulting the owner’s manual or contacting the manufacturer. This is especially helpful when you start a car wash, because not all equipment requires the same service.

Knowing the intervals at which equipment requires maintenance — and what type it needs — lets you set the proper schedule and maintenance protocols, so your team knows when and how to provide service that helps prevent breakdowns.

2. Consider Whether Outside Maintenance Service is Required

When you start a car wash facility, or when you run one on a tight budget, it’s tempting to have in-house employees perform maintenance to save money. Unfortunately, not every facility has personnel with the right expertise. In these situations, you may need a licensed, outside party to handle necessary car wash maintenance.

If you outsource maintenance, research to find a contractor with experience maintaining the specific equipment you have. Ideally, you may be able to hire technicians from the company who manufactured the equipment. Some manufacturers offer maintenance service for the equipment they sell. Hiring them ensures that technicians are familiar with the equipment.

3. If Outside Maintenance is Required, Try to Use a Single Provider

Using multiple maintenance providers can be costly. If you need outside contractors for car wash maintenance, it’s best to use a single provider. Using one provider often costs less, especially if the business offers cost-effective packages or bundles. It also saves time by simplifying the third-party invoicing process. Relying on a single provider also limits the business relationships you manage, as you start a car wash or streamline the operation of an existing one.

4. Be Sure to Budget for Repairs in Addition to Maintenance Services

You obviously need to budget when you start a car wash. When planning your budget, don’t forget to set aside funds for repairs. Even if you stay on top of maintenance, heavy-use equipment occasionally needs to be repaired. When equipment requires a repair or a new part, the cost may fall outside of existing maintenance contracts. Having money set aside for these occurrences ensures that you can perform repairs as soon as needed.


Because their business model relies heavily on equipment, preventive scheduled maintenance is especially important for car wash facilities. Without it, the chance of equipment breakdown increases. In addition to costing money for repairs, this can hurt the facility’s profits due to downtime.

Knowing the specific needs of your equipment — and finding an experienced contractor to perform maintenance — is critical. Whenever possible, rely on assistance from manufacturers like N/S Corporation to get the most dependable maintenance, without extra costs or delays.

Using the Nautica 4M System for School Busses


N/S Corporation has been leading the wash system industry for over 50 years with our innovative technologies and cutting edge patents. With over 70 patents filed by our founder, G. Thomas Ennis, we provide the reliability, quality, and standards our customers our looking for. All the effort we put into our systems makes our school bus wash systems especially cost-effective for school districts and learning institutions everywhere that have to maintain a frequently used fleet. Read on to learn how the Nautica wash system can make school bus maintenance easier!

What is The Nautica 4M?

The Nautica 4M Bus Wash Series is a fleet rollover wash system that comes in two versions: the Nautica 4M-12 and the Nautica 4M-14. Both systems are among the school bus wash systems that have the smallest outside dimensions, but can still be used to double wash busses in under four minutes!

Both systems have very similar dimensions for simple school bus maintenance, but the Nautica 4M-14 is slightly taller to allow for busses up to 14 feet tall to enter. The Nautica 4M-12 has a vehicle clearance height of 12 feet, and both systems offer a vehicle width clearance of 10 feet.

Nautica Specs

System Dimensions 4M-12

  • Frame Height: 14’4”
  • Height with Brush in Top Position: + 1’8”
  • Width: 15’7”
  • Length: 7’6”
  • Vehicle Clearance Height: 12’
  • Vehicle Clearance Width: 10’

Voltage 4M-12

  • 208/230V, 3 phase 30 Amp
  • 460/480V, 3 phase 15 Amp
  • 575/600V, 3 phase 15 Amp

System Dimensions 4M-14

  • Frame Height: 16’4”
  • Height with Brush in Top Position: + 1’8”
  • Width: 15’7”
  • Length: 7’6”
  • Vehicle Clearance Height: 14’
  • Vehicle Clearance Width: 10’

Voltage 4M-14

  • 208/230V, 3 phase 30 Amp
  • 460/480V, 3 phase 15 Amp
  • 575/600V, 3 phase 15 Amp

Optional Equipment

Why Choose the Nautica 4M?

The Nautica 4M series offers a number of automated systems with tons of benefits for your operation. From safer school bus maintenance and time saving capabilities, to one of the most reliable systems on the market, the Nautica series is for you.

Stay Safe and Save Time

When using the Nautica system, drivers aren’t exposed to any slippery surfaces and buses can be double washed in under four minutes. With the double wash system, you get swifter washes and a more thorough clean than manual washes. The Nautica systems ensure the top, back, and sides of your busses are pristine. Some fleet operators also consider adding an undercarriage wash option to the Nautica system, which assists with rinsing salt and grime from the undercarriages of the buses.

Reliable School Bus Maintenance

The Nautica series systems are among the most rugged you’ll find. The machine is American made, in-house at our 60,000 square foot facility in Inglewood, CA.

Built for Your Operation

If you want to learn more about the Nautica series, reach out to our team today online, or by phone at 877-679-2741!

Using the Nautica 4M System for School Busses

APTA 2017

Atlanta APTA Expo


Every three years, the team at N/S Corporation takes a trip to attend the APTA Expo and showcase the new products and innovative technologies we’ve recently developed. This year the show took place in Atlanta. Next year the show will be in NS’s backyard, Anaheim. As a growing company, N/S Corporation wants to connect with other key players in the transit industry, develop long lasting relationships with industry design architects, and display our products. Learn more about our success at the APTA Expo here.



With a space over four times the size of our closest competitors, we can really take over the show. Our team has a depth of product to showcase that dwarfs other bus and train wash manufacturers’ displays, and allows end users to experience our product up close and personal without any additional marketing. Transit agencies and design engineers all have access to our newest systems! On display is over five decades of innovation. On display is the only true vertically integrated player in vehicle wash systems in the US.

What We Showcased


At this year’s APTA Expo, we highlighted our Smart Gate System — a pneumatically operated gate that opens and closes the inflow of air into a blower reducer’s impeller chamber. It reduces power consumption by up to 50% by eliminating the need to start and stop motors multiple times per hour. Since washing buses or other large vehicles can demand more starts and stops than a traditional system can handle, using our Smart Gate System minimizes motor damage to the wash system. Other benefits include:

  • Noise Reduction to Notably Lower Decibel Levels for a Safer Work Environment
  • Can Be Retrofitted for Any N/S Corporation Blower
  • Works Like a Small Compressor
  • Made of 75% Recycled Structural Aluminum
  • Has a Bolt On Design
  • Is Made in the USA!

About the APTA Expo


The APTA (American Public Transportation Association) Expo is held every three years to coincide with the association’s annual meeting. This expo acts as the public transit sector’s premier showcase of new technology, innovative products, and unique services. Held in Atlanta, Georgia, this year’s expo ran from October 9th to the 11th.

This is the only event where technology and cutting edge innovation come together and allow every business in the industry to experience public transportation products and services up close. Attendees have the opportunity to connect with over 800 exhibitors from the global community, network with over 12,000 businesses, industry insiders, and peers, and join with others in the industry to develop solutions for the future.

N/S at the APTA Expo

smart gate

The N/S Corporation team was enthusiastic to participate in this year’s expo and we can’t wait for the next show coming in 2020. Since we’re always developing new products and solutions to all of your wash system woes, we have an endless list of technologies to share. Keep up with our newest designs and showcases when you follow our blog today!


Jerzy Boyz Teams Up with N/S Corporation

A San Pedro Car Wash Installation

When N/S teams up with local cash wash, we love showcasing the amazing results we’ve created with our car wash installations. Recently, our team completed the installation of a car wash for a valued customer, Jerzy Boyz Car Wash, in San Pedro CA. Read on to learn what a team up like this one created!

The Breakdown

Jerzy Boys purchased a wide selection of N/S equipment to create an amazing wash experience for all their customers. Their car wash installation included:

What to Expect

Jerzy Boyz

As you are greeted at the entrance of the car wash, the Excalibur conveyor will gently take up your wheel and introduce you to Jerzy Boyz magnificent tunnel.

The Excalibur Conveyor

The Excalibur Conveyor was designed to solve car wash operators’ dependence on compressed air to maintain chain tension, as well as issues with hard to reach multiple point lubrication spots and the countless hours replacing links and other components.

The Vortex Blast Arch

The Vortex Blast ArchThe Vortex Blast Arch

As the Excalibur glides your vehicle forward through this San Pedro car wash, you’ll find the Vortex Blast Arch. This is one of N/S Corporation’s prized new products. The Vortex Arch has six spinners with 4 jets each — two on each side and two on top, along with a 20 HP pump and the choice of a fun light package.

N/S firmly believes that applying a high pressure pump at the entrance of every tunnel properly prepares the car for polishing by blasting off road grime, dirt and in some cases salt film from coastal beach areas.

The Bubblizer

As your car progresses through this car wash, soap is dispensed from the Bubblizer. We’ve discovered over the past five years that dispensing bubbles is a cost effective and efficient way to spread chemicals over the exterior of a vehicle. It also enables car wash owners to create more top package options in a smaller space for more profits and a quick payback on the cost of a Bubblizer.

Lammscloth Pelts
Lammscloth Pelts

The robust Lammscloth Pelts are next up the car wash queue, and they offer superior polishing results along with a blast of color to liven up the tunnel. From the interior of your vehicle, you will see and hear, the benefits of Lammscloth massaging the exterior of your vehicle.

N/S offers red, black, blue, yellow, orange, lime, forest green and pink brushes for an easily customizable theme for your car wash. Jerzy Boys selected a combination of two Eco Brush stations for a total of eight brush elements, but NS offers various combinations of three, five, seven, and ten touch stations — each varying to fit your preferences and the length of the tunnel. See these various configurations here on our site.

Tire Gloss Applicator

Now right before the San Pedro car wash dryers kick in, chemical is gently massaged on the surface of your tires with NS Corporation’s world class Tire Gloss Applicator. This is a great top package enhancement because the TGA is the only tire shiner on the market that uses Lammscloth pads to apply chemical evenly, minimizing runoff and the amount of chemical applied.

Choose the Jerzy Boyz San Pedro Car Wash

There is no question that Jerzy Boyz has packed their tunnel with the best equipment money can buy. If you live in the San Pedro area, please stop by the Jerzy Boyz Car Wash for a first class washing experience!

If you own a car wash, we hope this display will tempt you to visit N/S Corporation to explore our equipment selection and purchase a reliable car was system from the leader – N/S!



N/S Corporation Installs Third Leak Test System for Train Manufacturers


Given the depth of knowledge and considerable experience in washing transit vehicles for decades, N/S Corporation is proud to announce that we have embarked on a new market segment: Leak Testing. We’re currently working with train manufacturers across the United States to ensure their trains are meeting the high quality control standards consumers expect. Read on to learn more about our innovative developments for the train testing industry.

Leak Testing Trains

Wet testing is a new and expanding vertical market. With train manufacturers now relying on N/S high pressure arches to test trains for leaks, we’re building customized designs to assist them.

The custom system pictured consists of a series of arches that blast manufactured rail cars with high pressure water. Over the course of the testing process, we bombard the trains from many angles to ensure that the seals on the railcars are strong.

At this location in Springfield MA, there are two 75 HP pumps in play, as well as a 40 HP pump. These pumps work in tandem to fuel 16 blast arches and 4 powerful undercarriage sprays, so no part of the train systems is untested.

A Trusted Partner

N/S Corporation is proud to partner with train manufacturers worldwide to assist in manufacturing quality control. If you’d like to work with us on any sort of custom leak testing system, reach out to our representatives today!

*        *        *

N/S Corporation
Washing and Leak Testing Vehicles Worldwide Since 1961.

Our Friends at Redondo Car Wash

Eco-conscious car washes are becoming the industry standard because along with helping our environment, they reduce waste and cut costs for car wash facilities. Because of the new initiative to go green, Ken Crow and Chris McKenna of Redondo Beach opened a car wash with a commitment to being more environmentally conscious, complete with eco-friendly equipment. Read on to learn more about their success.

Community Focused

With the success that Ken and Chris saw from their Rock and Roll Car Wash in Hermosa Beach, Ken and Chris decided to grow their portfolio of facilities and open a second car wash in Redondo Beach. Redondo Car Wash, along with Rock and Roll Car Wash, has made a commitment to providing their customers with an environmentally-friendly car wash.

Redondo Car Wash prides itself on being a community-based facility. Their mission is to provide quality, environmentally-friendly car washes for the community while also supporting all local community sports teams and recreational leagues.

A Green Car Wash

Redondo Car Wash offers a full range of custom car wash packages that will fit into any budget, including a wide range of services from basic washes to complete detail packages.

Both Redondo and Rock and Roll Car Wash feature N/S Corporation Commercial Equipment. Built with the environment in mind, our Commercial Equipment is designed to reduce waste, save water, and save car washes any potential downtime. Redondo Car Wash features some of our best eco-friendly equipment like the Eco-10 Wash System, the Excalibur Conveyor, and the famous Bubblizer.

Our Technology

The Bubblizer

The Bubblizer technology revolutionizes how a cleaning system can tackle grime on vehicles. It uses a powerful stream of bubbles to deliver cleansing chemicals, unlike traditional foamers you find in other bus and car washes. The bubbles cover a large surface area, which allows you to use less water, chemicals, soap, and water during operation. Our Bubblizer ensures you use less chemicals and improves vehicle coverage.

The Eco-10

The ECO-10 is a ten-brush system that cleans and protects vehicles with increased efficiency. The ECO-10 system is the pinnacle of our ECO line of equipment. This brush system uses significantly less power than comparable brush systems, while still providing top quality wash services. The ECO-10 is an environmentally conscious bus, train, and car wash system that provides years of outstanding service for any eco-friendly car wash.

The Excalibur

The Excalibur Conveyor was designed to solve common problems including alleviating a bus or car wash’s need to rely on compressed air to maintain chain tension, accessing any hard-to-reach lubrication points, and reducing the amount of time needed to perform standard maintenance. It saves our partners time, money, and works hard to save the environment – one wash at a time.

Visit Today!

Stop by Redondo Car Wash and Rock and Roll Car Wash and see for yourself why N/S Corporation is the leader in vehicle wash systems.

Redondo Car Wash

617 Torrance Boulevard, Redondo Beach
Mon-Fri 8:00am-5:30pm
Saturday 8:00am-5:00pm
Sunday 9:00am-4:00pm

Rock and Roll Car Wash

1000 Pacific Coast Highway, Hermosa Beach
Mon – Fri 8:00 – 5:00
Sat – Sun 8:00 – 5:00

Remember – Life is better at the beach!

Installing Foam Brushes

Bus, Train & Car Wash Foam Brush System

Are your fiber brushes at the end of their useful life? We’re here to help! At N/S Corporation, we specialize in delivering state of the art, easy-to-use products for your car wash facilities. We’ve developed a new product that will revolutionize the future of car wash technology. Read on to learn more about how to use them!

Eco Foam Brushes and Pelts

We are happy to introduce our new Eco Foam Brushes and Pelts, perfect for your bus, train, or car wash foam brush system. With these new, versatile products, you will be able to extend the life of your brushes in your facilities while improving results for your customers’ vehicles. The Eco Foam system is equipped with very thin strands that are designed to get into any crevice smoothly and easily. The material is closely sealed, so it will not absorb any water, dirt, or debris from wash to wash. Another feature we offer are the black pelts that were created for the bottom of the brush area. We made these bus and car wash foam brush system accessories black, so they won’t show any dirt from the harder cleaning areas of a vehicle.

The Perfect Fit!

If your fiber brushes are worn and have lost 40% of their brush volume, you may be ready to try something different. Switch to Eco Foam brushes and pelts for the ideal train, bus, and car wash foam brush system. When you’re ready to replace your fiber brushes, you can easily replace them with Eco Foam equipment. We’ve specially designed our brushes to ensure a direct fit into your wash system’s existing 15-1 gearbox, so there’s no need for you to replace them.

How to Install Your Car Wash Foam Brush System

To replace the top brush, rocker brush panels, and wrap brush, you simply need to drop the old brush down from its mounting and install the Eco Foam brush like you normally would. What’s even easier is that there is no driver or passenger side on the rocker brush panels and wrap brushes; these universal brushes will keep your installation as simple as possible.

It’s always easier to replace the entire brush, but if you need to replace an individual pelt, we can provide you with an all-in-one kit to use. N/S Corporation provides you with the correct hardware to install your replacement pelt and a configuration diagram to assist you with installation. Each pelt was made to fit into traditional fiber pelt bearings, so with just the use of a drill, you won’t skip a beat.

Designed for Your System

Our Eco Foam brushes and pelts are designed with you in mind. If you are in the market for a strong, durable, eco-friendly solution to your fiber brush issues, consider switching to N/S Corporation and our car wash products.

For more information about the Eco Foam brushes and pelts, please reach out to us today!