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Reliable, durable parts are vital to the success of your transit, fleet, or retail car wash business. Whether you’re looking for quality parts to improve the efficiency of your vehicle wash system or want to stock up on replacement parts, you can count on NS Corporation to provide you with the best equipment and car wash parts in the business. We supply you with all the parts you need to keep your vehicle wash system functioning properly.



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If you’re in the retail, transit, or fleet washing business, you’re well aware that parts fail from time to time, and having quick access to the right replacements is vital to the success of your business. Our car wash supplies store is your one-stop-shop for high-quality and dependable bus, car, and train wash parts. Keep your customers happy, and your fleet or transit vehicles clean using our superior washing systems and parts. Whether you want transit wash controls, fleet wash system bearings, or retail wash pumps, we have the premium car wash parts you need at reasonable prices. Stock up on quality replacement parts today and ensure your wash systems keep running smoothly. Order at our online store today.


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Our vehicle wash systems and parts are simple in design, durable, and offer low-cost maintenance. NS Corporation has years of experience in the industry. Our customer service representatives are here to help you find the right replacement parts you need. Whether you want to upgrade your existing wash system or switch to more efficient, eco-friendly wash operations, our parts store offers an extensive selection of parts to keep your wash operating at full capacity. Call us at (877) NSWASH-1 to speak to a dedicated wash equipment expert or contact us online with your questions or inquiries about our car wash parts.