Support Equipment


Upgrade old car wash systems with automatic car wash activation. Choose from the SYS-30, SYS-90-T, SYS-101, and SYS-201 units.

Get a thorough wash every time with air compressors. The compressors from N/S Corporation include motors and come in a range of sizes and PSI capabilities.

Conveyor guide rails will ensure that any vehicle going through your car wash stays aligned. Use N/S Corporation’s high quality, stainless steel rails for a smoother operation.

N/S Corporation manufactures motorized water pumps and guns with a chemical injection system with powerful operation abilities. Browse through a range of motor options, hose lengths, and gun holders.

For easy car wash control and operation N/S Corporation offers patented control panels and state of the art units. Panels include single motor starters and can have an operating power of up to 75 HP.

Keeping service vehicles clean is about more than maintenance; it’s about promoting the right image. This is especially true for buses, which are covered in advertisements and logos. That is why N/S Wash developed a range of support bus wash equipment to keep every vehicle in your fleet sparkling clean.

Versatile Wash Machinery

Versatile Wash Machinery

Whether your fleet has two vehicles or 200, you need the right equipment to keep them clean so your company can put its best foot forward. We’ve designed our large vehicle support equipment to get rid of tough grime that buses attract and will last through hundreds of thousands of wash cycles. When it comes to superior bus wash equipment, our expert innovators have designed some of the best support pieces, including:

  • Activation
  • Air Compressors
  • Curb Rails
  • High Pressure Guns
  • Motor Control Panels

With so many options for bus wash equipment, it can be hard to determine which is best for your fleet. At N/S Wash, we take out the guessing by offering a variety of customizable systems to help you and your drivers take the best care of your vehicles. So whether you want a full drive-thru wash system or something a little simpler, N/S Wash has the support equipment you need to keep every vehicle sparkling clean.

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  • Minimize your environmental footprint.
  • Minimize your maintenance costs.
  • Rely on the industry leader in transit and fleet wash systems.

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