What are NS Corporation’s competitive advantages?

We are the only real vertically integrated manufacturer in the United States, as we sell into fleet, retail car wash, and transit segments. We wash buses, trains, cars, and heavy trucks. None of our competitors compete in all three of those silos. The second competitive advantage is that our designs are simple, not overengineered. We let gravity do the work. We also engineer systems that consume much less power and water. We are the most environmentally efficient vehicle wash manufacturing company across all of our competitive silos.

What is the company philosophy of NS Corporation?

To help customers save and make more money by producing high quality and efficient vehicle wash equipment. We also believe in using less power and water to wash vehicles.

How long has NS Corporation been in business?

Since 1961.

In how many vehicle wash markets does NS Corporation compete?

Buses, trains, heavy trucks, cars for government / transit, corporate fleet, and retail car wash customers.

Does NS Corporation provide services in every country?

Yes. While we are located in Southern California, we do have the capacity to ship our equipment anywhere in the world. Our commitment to providing the highest levels of quality in the industry extends to all of our customers, no matter their location.

What is the breakdown of NS Corporation’s customer base?

We currently work with transit agencies, fleet car wash operators, and auto dealers throughout the country providing quality wash services.

Is NS Corporation ISO certified?

Yes, NS Corporation is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. NS Corporation is also UL certified.

How many patents does NS Corporation own?

More than 70 and increasing. A few patented innovations include the Double Time Wrap Around; the Flex Wrap Around Scrubber; and the revolutionary Lammscloth, the softest polishing material available in the marketplace.

What expertise does NS Corporation excel at?

Building quality wash systems that deliver a consistently clean, polished vehicle. The design simplicity of our systems deliver low maintenance and operating costs along with high customer satisfaction.

Where are all the parts for NS Corporation manufactured?

Our parts are proudly made in the USA at our 45,000 square feet manufacturing facility in Inglewood, California.

What are some of the components made by NS Corporation for car wash facility operators?

We have a wide range of essential components for facility operators. Our extensive inventory includes correlators and conveyors, rollers, rocker panel washers, tire brushes, chemical tire applicators, liquid recovery systems, wrap brushes, activation systems, loop detectors, wheel blasters, variable-density brushes and durable frames.

What are NS Corporation’s future strategic plans?

Our number one goal is to get closer to our customers and cultivate better relationships. That means increasing resources in customer service, creating better product manuals, and increasing our aftermarket presence.

How can customers contact NS Corporation to learn more about wash systems?

Our toll free phone number is 1-800-782-1582. For specific inquiries, you can find email and direct phone numbers for different departments on our contact page.