The car wash industry is becoming increasingly crowded as more people try to get in on the ground floor. As the market becomes more competitive, operators need innovative machinery and equipment to keep their express car wash facilities profitable.

As one of the premier car wash equipment suppliers in the industry, NS Corporation has the high quality and dependable automatic car wash equipment and machinery you need to successfully run your car wash business.


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Explore our ECO series wash systems.

Get your car wash started with NS Corporation’s innovative car wash models. Choose from the Eco Series or the Mini Express . You can also add auto hand waxing or a bubblizer to your wash system.

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Complete your retail tunnel with our high-quality support equipment.

Create an efficient, smooth, and quality retail car wash tunnel with our variety of support equipment. Mitter curtains, guide rails, and entry control systems will optimize your car wash.

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Need quality OEM replacement parts?

Shop the NS Online Parts Store and receive your personalized quote today. NS Corporation understands that for vehicle wash operators, downtime just isn’t an option.

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One of the most important decisions for a car wash operation is determining what kind of equipment to use. The most successful operators know that to be competitive in today’s environment, car wash equipment must be virtually maintenance-free and deliver the safest, gentlest, and most thorough washes.

If you want parts that can deliver all of that for your automatic car wash equipment, then the technology at NS Corporation is what you need. As a global car wash equipment supplier catering to vehicles of all sizes, we have a wide variety of options to choose from. Whatever your particular needs are, we have a system for you.

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Launching your retail car wash takes more than just access to soap and water. Modern facilities utilize many pieces of innovative technology to create an automated system for a full-service operation. Before you tackle the car wash industry and start your own retail operation, take some time to explore our catalog of model lines and automatic car wash equipment.

No other car wash equipment supplier makes it so easy to find exactly the right kind of system and add-ons. NS Corporation makes it easier than ever for your wash to be efficient and eco-friendly, giving you a leg up on the competition.

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Our expert engineers have drawn from more than 50 years of experience to create sophisticated car wash equipment that goes beyond simple sprayers and foam applicators. And every component is engineered for durability to keep you up and running.

Whether you need brushes and blowers or conveyors and correlators, NS Corporation is the car wash equipment supplier for you. We have all of the automatic car wash equipment and machinery you need to outfit just about any existing systems, or to design a new facility to grow and retain your customer base.


Even systems made with the highest quality equipment require routine maintenance to function at their peak performance. When you partner with NS Corporation for your retail vehicle wash system, you don’t need to worry about maintaining the car wash equipment on your own. Our experienced service team can help you with all your questions, and we provide on-site assistance for your facility.

To keep your retail vehicle wash system fully operational, we provide customized plans with all of our systems. Options for our service plans include:

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    New Service Warranties

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    Maintenance Contracts

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    On-Demand Services

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    Preventative Maintenance


For more than 50 years, NS Corporation has been one of the leading car wash equipment suppliers. We provide rugged and dependable equipment and maintenance services for a variety of automatic car wash equipment and machinery for vehicles big and small.

Contact us today for more information on premier car wash systems.

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