FRSB-500 Side Brush System (12′ vehicle clearance). System attaches to an existing frame with a pair of easy maintenance side brushes with a breakaway feature and spray bar for each brush. System includes:

  • Magnetic starter.
  • Not free-standing.

COSB-050 Single oscillating scrubber curtain in lieu of dual scrubber.  System includes:

  • 12′ vehicle clearance.

COSB-110 Dual oscillating scrubber free-standing.  System includes:

  • 12’ vehicle clearance.
  • Curtain lengths are 48  – 60 – 68 inches.

FRDM-500 Free-Standing Drag Mop Frame.  System includes:

  • Galvanized or aluminum
  • 13-ft clearance.
  • 5 lines of curtains, includes 2 lines 72″ long and 3 lines 84″ long.
  • Spray bar.
  • Other clearance options available.

FRWB-500 Free-Standing Wrap Brush System, aluminum frame.  System includes:

  • Pair wrap-a-round front, side and rear brushes.
  • Spray pipe for each brush.
  • 12′ vehicle clearance.
  • Magnetic starter.

FRSB-300 Free-Standing Side Brush System, aluminum frame. System includes:

  • Pair of side cleaning brushes mounted on pivoting frame with spray pipes.
  • 12′ vehicle clearance.
  • Magnetic starter.

When it comes to car washes, the first piece of equipment that usually comes to mind is brushes. Automatic car wash and train wash brushes perform a variety of jobs including applying soap, aiding in rinsing, and buffing vehicles dry. As they have such importance, you will want brushes from a name you can trust. You already trust N/S Wash for so many other pieces. Trust us again when it is time to buy brushes.

Covering All of Your Operation’s Brush Needs

At N/S Wash, we have a range of train wash brushes including complete free standing systems and attachment pieces that can be used with already existing frames. Our inventory also includes brushes designed as side scrubbers or ones perfect for tackling the tops of vehicles as they pass through. Each brush utilizes coated aluminum bases to cut down on corrosion.

When it comes to our range of car, bus, and train wash brushes, we made sure to include a variety of options. Some options include single or dual oscillation, a single spray bar or individual spray pipes for each brush, curtain attachments, and more. No matter what kind of brush system you are looking for, N/S Wash has your needs covered.