Transit Wash Systems for Buses

4M Series

Versatile Transit Wash System

4M Nautica Roll-Over System

The 4M Series is a fleet rollover wash system with the smallest outside dimensions that can still double wash buses and trucks in under eight minutes. N/S Corporation carries the Nautica 4M-12 and the Nautica 4M-14.

5M Series

Best Transit Washing Setup

The 5M Series

The 5M Series from N/S Corporation come in five versatile models. For heavy duty bus washing, choose from the 5M-220, the 5M-400 , the 5M-420, or the 5M-440.

Big Mini

Wash System Equipment Layout

The Big Mini

High quality, efficiency, and affordability make the Big Mini a valuable asset to any fleet washing system. With patented Lammscloth and Superflex couplings, this machine can wash vehicles up to 15’ tall.

3M Series

Efficient Bus Cleaning Machinery

3000 Bus Wash Series

Minimize your environmental footprint with N/S Corporation’s 3M series. Choose between the 3000 Model, the 3100 Model, and the 3250 Model.

414 Series

Keeping a Clean Vehicle

Series 414

N/S Corporation 414 Series includes two models: 414 and 414B. These are the most powerful, streamlined systems designed for efficiency and value. Both models can clean vehicles of any size and shape.

Ask any fleet owner and they will say one of their biggest challenges is keeping vehicles clean and in working order. Washing a single bus manually can take hours of valuable time, and when there is a fleet of them, the job can be overwhelming. In addition, washing a large fleet manually is environmentally inefficient. N/S Wash knows what it takes to get vehicles of all sizes sparkling clean. If you need an efficient and eco-friendly way to clean your fleet, our bus wash system is the solution.

A Cost Effective Cleaning Solution

With thousands of locations around the world, our equipment has been battle-tested to provide high quality cleaning for transit fleets owned by national and multi-national corporations. When we took on the challenge of developing a durable bus wash system, we brought our expertise cultivated over five decades and combined it with the latest innovations to engineer machinery specifically for large fleet operators.

We value efficiency, which is why our rugged bus wash systems have been designed to cut down wash time to a minimum. Our machinery can take care of a single bus in an amazingly quick 3.5 minute cycle, so you can cut back on downtime and keep your vehicles looking brighter. Our drive through solutions can also withstand the ultimate in punishment and keep your wash lanes up and running.

Partner with the Experts – Washing the world one vehicle at a time

  • Minimize your environmental footprint.
  • Minimize your maintenance costs.
  • Rely on the industry leader in transit and fleet wash systems.