414 Series

414 Model

High-Clearance Vehicle Wash

System 414

414B Model

Easy Transit Cleaning

System 414B

N/S Wash’s 14 series is designed specifically for high-clearance buses and trucks. Choose from two 414 models for a car wash system that provides reliable and easy use for years to come.

Operating in over 10,000 fleet locations domestically and worldwide, N/S has over five decades of the expertise and innovation needed to design and engineer an ideal vehicle wash system. N/S knows that your buses and trucks have different washing needs than normal cars, and our 414 automatic bus washing system series was conceived and produced with those special needs in mind. Harsh outdoor elements, stubborn contaminants, and caked on dirt and grime don’t stand a chance against the 414 series. For those opposed to using friction in your wash process, the 414 line will meet your needs.

Choose from two stellar wash systems: the 414 and the 414B. Both are uniquely designed for large fleet operators experiencing hundreds of thousands of wash cycles per year with vehicles of all different shapes and sizes. Both systems are also well-suited to high volume demand with specific advantages that provide innovative quality and ongoing low service and maintenance costs.

Experience the ease and comfort of washing and cleaning your entire fleet using a single machine with our 414 automatic bus washing system series. Make a flawless impression with the sophistication and technology of the N/S 414 series.

Partner with the Experts – Washing the world one vehicle at a time

  • Minimize your environmental footprint.
  • Minimize your maintenance costs.
  • Rely on the industry leader in transit and fleet wash systems.