ECO-5 Top Brush

ECO-5 Top Brush is a five-brush system that has ruled the wash industry for over 30 years. Uniquely made for the rental and fleet market, this top-notch water recycling system for car wash facilities was designed to handle the abuse of high volume washing with a corrosion resistant frame engineered to aircraft quality. Its Super Size 96″ vehicle clearance readily covers van and truck washes. The brush’s features, listed below, are sure to exceed any car wash’s needs.

If you’re in need of the perfect water recycling system for car wash purposes, N/S Corporation has got you covered with the high-quality, industry-ruling ECO-5 top brush. If its features aren’t appealing enough, the long-lasting protection you’ll get for it with our service maintenance plan will be. Rent your ECO-5 top brush from N/S Corporation and step up your wash.


  • Automatic drive-thru system
  • Pneumatics-free operation
  • High efficiency motors
  • A pair of flex wrap-around brushes with corresponding ½ HP electric motor assemblies
  • Soft fiber top brush with ½ HP electric motor assembly
  • One pair of soft fiber rocker panel brushes with two ½ HP motor assemblies
  • A soap detergent and DEMA injection system
  • Motor control panel (UL Approved) mounted on the frame
  • Air hose machine activation
  • 27.5′ of guide rail
  • Final rinse DIA 100 arch with electric eye activation
  • Soft start
  • Polished aluminum framework with 96″ clearance
  • Choice of top brush positioning: in front of or behind the rollers
  • Height: 10′7″ / 12′9″
  • Width: 14′5″
  • Length: 17′6″
  • Vehicle Clearance: 96″
  • Voltage: 208/230/480 – 60 Hz
  • Amps: 20.0 – 10.0
  • Air drying systems
  • Vacuum systems
  • Wheel wash systems
  • Water recycling systems
  • Chemical tire applicators
  • High volume spinner arches
  • Undercarriage wash system
  • Multi-use arches
  • Fiber, Foam or Lammscloth Brushes

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