NS Wash System’s equipment is operating in over 10,000 fleet locations worldwide and has developed a list of satisfied users that include some of the largest transit and fleet organizations including national and multi-national corporations.  The NS large vehicle line was conceived, designed and engineered specifically for large fleet operators experiencing hundreds of thousands of wash cycles per year.  Expertise and innovation, backed by over five decades of experience.


Transit wash system layout

Choose from N/S Corporation’s efficient, environmentally friendly, and versatile bus washing systems. System varieties include, 3M Series, 4M Series, 5M Series, the Big Mini, and the 414 Series.


Transit wash system layout

Discover N/S Corporation’s patented train wash systems for thorough and efficient cleaning. Read the downloadable PDFs, including assembly instructions and train wash diagrams.

Large Commercial Vehicles

Large Commercial Vehicle Wash

With five decades of combined experience, N/S Corporation engineers have designed large vehicle wash systems complete with high pressure spinners, detergent injector systems, and full rollover brushes. Choose from the 3M Series, 4M Series, the Big Mini, and the 414 Series.