Car Wash Systems For Large Commercial Vehicles

NS Corporation is the leading national manufacturer of large vehicle car wash systems. Based on the West Coast, we serve domestic and international markets in three segments: transit, fleet, and commercial vehicle car wash systems of all sizes. including:

  • Truck wash systems
  • Van and utility vehicle wash systems
  • Bus wash systems
  • Train wash systems


NS Corporations 414 Series includes two models: the 414 and the 414B. These are the most powerful, streamlined systems, designed for efficiency and value.

The 4M Series is a fleet rollover wash system with the smallest outside dimensions that can still double wash buses and trucks in under eight minutes. NS Corporation carries the Nautica 4M-12 and the Nautica 4M-14.

Minimize your environmental footprint with NS Corporation’s 3M series. Choose between the 3000 Model, the 3100 Model, and the 3250 Model.

High quality, efficiency, and affordability make the Big Mini a valuable asset to any fleet washing system. With patented Lammscloth and Superflex couplings, this machine can wash vehicles up to 15’ tall.

Full System Cleaning Equipment

With more than six decades of experience providing superior wash technology for a variety of vehicles, NS Corporation has seen it all. When it comes to our large vehicle car wash systems, our engineers have designed some of the most innovative full systems that include high-pressure spinners, detergent injector systems, and full rollover brushes.

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Contact Us to Find the Right Vehicle Wash

NS Corporation wants to make sure each of your vehicles has a professional shine. That is why we have worked with fleet, transit, and retail/commercial vehicle car wash operators around the world to come up with cost-effective vehicle washing systems that produce great results.

So if you are looking for a complete large vehicle car wash system to keep your vehicles looking clean, partner with NS Corporation. Contact us today to discuss your vehicle washing needs.

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