Retail Car Wash Equipment | Tunnel Car Wash Systems & More

Efficient tunnel car wash systems make running a successful retail car wash facility less complicated without sacrificing quality. Gone are the days when facilities relied on simple water sprayers and foam applicators. Modern car washes utilize much more sophisticated car wash business equipment to ensure they remain competitive. If you want your facility to be successful, then turn to the exclusive support of NS Wash.

Activation Systems

Photoelectric eye sensor



Auto Hand Wax

Hand wax - car wash equipment

Blower Systems

car wash blower systems

Mitter Curtains

car wash equipment - mitter curtain

Wrap Around Brushes

car wash brushes


Bubblizer - tunnel car wash equipment

Car Wash Computers

car wash computer

Chemical Backroom

Car wash chemical jets.

Cleaning Peripherals

car wash equipment - cleaning peripherals


Conveyor - car wash equipment


car wash correlators

Entry Control Systems

car wash entry control system

Guide Rails

tunnel car wash equipment

High Volume/ Pressure

Tunnel car wash equipment

Motor Control

Motor control - car wash equipment

Power Packs & Drives

car wash power pack

Prep Guns

car wash equipment - prep guns



Reclaim Systems

car wash reclaim systems

Reverse Osmosis

Car wash equipment

Tires & Wheels

Tire gloss - car wash equipment

Cost-Effective, Environmentally Friendly Systems

No matter what kind of facility you are running, we are sure you will find something you need in our vast inventory of car wash equipment. When time and money are on the line you can rely on our tunnel car wash systems to help your operation stay competitive and run smoothly, with some of the highest quality retail car wash parts in the industry.

Exploring our retail equipment site, you will find a variety of essential car wash business equipment: fully automated activation systems, arches with brushes or blower systems, conveyors and guide rails, bubblizers, cleaning chemical equipment, and much more. Each piece of our advanced wash technology is designed to make a minimal environmental impact, cut waste, and lower costs.

Whether you are starting a new facility from the ground up or just looking for innovative new tunnel car wash systems to give your existing business a competitive edge, you can find it all in our inventory.

Partner With The Experts

Reduce your environmental impact, lower maintenance costs, and get the industry-leading help you need to watch your bottom line without compromising on performance. Contact us today about solutions tailored for your retail car wash. Partner with the tunnel car wash systems experts at NS Wash today.