Power Packs & Drives

Hydraulic power pack system

If your wash is in need of a new hydraulic power pack system, N/S Corporation has you covered with a wide variety. Each one is equipped with additional features to meet your needs. Check out our selection below to determine the best system for your wash.

HPP-005F A 5HP hydraulic power pack for your conveyor system, designed for fixed volume use. Includes:

  • Oil reservoir
  • Low level cutoff switch
  • Return filter
  • Pressure gauge
  • Compensated flow control
  • System relief
  • Suction strainer
  • Clean out cover
  • Filter breather
  • Sight glass
  • Temperature gauges
  • Pump at 6–7 GPM
  • Up to 60 feet lengths

HPP-010F A 10HP hydraulic power pack for your fixed-volume conveyor system. Comes with the same features as the HPP-005F, but able to pump at 12.4 GPM. Also includes:

  • Lengths of over 120 feet and up to 150 feet

HPP-015F A 15HP Hydraulic power pack for your conveyor system operating at fixed volume. It has many of the same functionalities as the HPP-010F.

HDH-001 A set of two hydraulic hoses with conveyor system fittings. 1/2″ width x 25′ length.

With our wide variety of systems and features, the perfect hydraulic power pack system is waiting for you at N/S Corporation, each including a service maintenance plan. Buy yours today!