Being environmentally friendly is an increasingly important part of operating a car wash. Because car wash facilities can use a lot of resources, those operating these businesses need a more environmentally friendly way to run their car washes.

NS Corporation listened to this demand and developed our ECO series solutions.


A Compact Eco Operation

NS Corporation developed a variety of systems in our ECO line. The best solution in this product line for compact wash facilities is the innovative ECO-3. This three-brush system is redefining the vehicle cleaning industry with patented innovations. These innovations include durable aluminum construction, super-flex couplings, and more. If you want a small and eco-friendly wash system, the ECO-3 is unmatched. THE ECO-3 can also be combined in larger tunnels with an ECO-5 to achieve even better results with adequate spacing and more dwell time for chemicals.

Like the other environmentally friendly car washes in our ECO series, NS Corporation designed the ECO-3 with patented innovations and durable materials our customers rely on.

Some of the great features included in the ECO-3:

  • A pair of flex Wrap-A-Round brushes with two ½ HP electric motor assemblies
  • One oscillating front-to-rear mitter curtain brush with 1 HP electric motor assembly
  • PVC piping with nozzles, DEMA, and a solenoid valve
  • Motor Control Panel (UL Approved)—mounted on frame
  • Driver-side utility connection
  • Recycled aluminum framework with a 96″ clearance

If you need an environmentally friendly and low-cost car wash solution that won’t take up a lot of space, the ECO-3 is for you.

ECO-3 product specifications
  • Height: 11’
  • Width:  14.5′
  • Length: 12.7′
  • Vehicle Clearance: 96″
  • Voltage: 208/230/480 – 60 Hz
  • Single point for electrical, air, and chemical connections


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