N/S Corporation is an essential local business in Inglewood, CA. N/S manufactures vehicle wash systems and replacement parts for public mass transit and other critical infrastructure agencies.

Vehicle Wash Manufacturer

NS Wash Transit
N/S Wash's Transit Presence Is Unrivaled
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Custom-Built Train Wash Solutions

Custom-Built Train Wash Solutions
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Fleet Operators

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NS Breadth of Industry

N/S’s Breadth of Industry Experience is Unmatched

Transit & Car Wash Systems from Trains to Mini-Cars

NS Wash has built and sold dependable transit and car wash systems since 1961. We are known for our work on the Los Angeles bus wash system, and we are respected across the country for our innovative solutions for both car wash operators and fleet owners. NS Wash sells wash systems for all vehicle types, from trains to passenger cars, and we serve all wash operators:

Transit Agencies & Government Customers

automatic car wash system

No other transit wash / car wash manufacturer can match our experience when it comes to servicing government fleets and mass transit vehicles, including:

Two of our marquee customers include:

  • The New York City Transit Authority, where we have installed and maintained hundreds of transit & car wash systems throughout the state.
  • The City of Los Angeles, where we are the premier Los Angeles bus wash system manufacturer and go-to solution both for the City and for wash facility operators throughout the LA Area.

Private Fleet Operators

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Designing car wash systems since 1961 has allowed NS Wash to become a pioneer in the drive-thru car wash industry. With our long history as a car wash manufacturer and our vast inventory, we have become unrivaled in the market for the variety, reliability, and value of our products.

Whatever your organization’s needs, we produce a fleet car wash system that meets those needs specifically and efficiently.

Some of our private customers include several of the nation’s largest rental car agencies, automotive dealerships, auto auctions, and large corporate fleets.

As the industry leader on the West Coast, NS Wash can offer you not only outstanding equipment and customer support, but confidence that you are gaining a valuable partner who will help your business thrive.

Keep your fleet sparkling clean with NS Wash!

Retail Car Wash Tunnel Operators

Retail Car Wash Tunnel

We know the retail car wash industry is fiercely competitive, and that the business is a hands-on one that requires a lot of sweat equity. But with NS Wash, one thing you don’t have to worry about is your automatic washing system. It will perform reliably every time.

And although our washes are virtually maintenance-free, when repair needs do eventually arise, our parts store has you covered.

We also provide a diverse array of services tailored to retail tunnel operators, including new investors, retrofits, and conversions.

Worried about being eco-friendly? You and your customers will also appreciate the environmentally conscientious designs of our systems, which minimize product wastage and water pollution.

So take the guesswork out of choosing the best car wash manufacturer. Give your car wash business the edge it needs with an NS car wash system!

Our Online Store is Now Open!

Since 2016, NS Wash has made it easy for you to find the replacement parts you need for your NS transit or car wash system. Designed with customer input, our store is streamlined to help customers find the parts they need for the particular wash system they have, and the most commonly requested items are also the most prominently featured. And of course, we offer a secure, streamlined online ordering and checkout process.

If you’re having trouble finding what you’re looking for, or need customer assistance, we’re just a click away! Contact us here!

Our online store also helps investors, partners, and others better understand our industry offerings, without the need to travel to Los Angeles. Bus wash systems, train washes, semi truck washes, and all the various replacements parts supporting those systems, are now available at your fingertips online.

Behind The Scenes

Our company was incorporated in Pennsylvania in 1967 as N/S Car Corporation. Originally we were only a car wash manufacturer, but in the late 1970s we expanded our catalogue of car wash systems to include larger and more specialized types of vehicle washes, to better respond to the needs of transit agency operators. We changed our name in 1980 to N/S Corporation to reflect the company’s new diversified wash systems.

Today, we are located in Inglewood, California, and NS Wash enjoys national prominence throughout the industry. We build all of our eco-friendly and durable washing systems in a 60,000+ square foot manufacturing facility right here in Los Angeles. Bus wash systems, train washes, and car washes…these days there aren’t many vehicles we can’t clean! (Though, we’re still working on that rocketship wash!)

N/S Corporation is a UL and ISO 9001:2008 certified company that maintains the highest levels of quality in the industry.

What Our Clients Think

Nothing cleans as well or as safely as Lammscloth.. From my years of experience as a car wash operator to scores of carwashes coast-to-coast, Lammscloth, the patented material from NS Corporation, meets and exceeds the…

GARY PENDLETONOperator/Consultant - Wilshire West Carwash

We absolutely love our new Workhorse 96 equipment… It does a job cleaning our vehicles and handles SUVs better than any other car wash systems I’ve ever seen. Thank you so much for a smooth installation and prompt reliable service …

BARRY CURRYLicensee - Thrifty Car Rental

Recent Projects Spotlight

NS Wash has a history of being the West Coast leader in transit wash / car wash systems, and the leading manufacturers nationally. One of the qualities that sets us apart is our commitment to innovation. Many companies in this industry are complacent, because the automated wash technologies of the 1980s are still “good enough.”

At NS Wash, we have a different take. Whether in our role supporting small retail operators, or as a major Los Angeles bus wash system producer, we are always working to improve our technologies and our level of service. The car wash systems of tomorrow will be faster, cleaner, and more convenient, thanks to the research and development we conduct today.

Read more about some of our latest ideas and designs, and see why customers who want the best car wash manufacturer in the market choose NS Wash.


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