Explore our vast inventory of NS Wash System’s exclusive and standard support equipment. When time and money are on the line, we are here to support you with the highest quality parts and specialty car wash equipment in the industry! Call us today at (877) NSWASH-1.


Upgrade old car wash systems with automatic car wash activation. Choose from the SYS-30, SYS-90-T, SYS-101, and SYS-201 units.

N/S Corporation carries four styles of High Pressure Arches including, DIA-500, PAR-500, POR-500, HPA-010. All arches are made from durable aluminum, coated in a corrosion resistant layer.

Ensure even drying for your fleet with the best blower systems available, including the Transit Air Wiper Blower System, the slanted Industrial Heavy Duty Blower A-Frame, and many more.

Conveyor guide rails will ensure that any vehicle going through your car wash stays aligned. Use N/S Corporation’s high quality, stainless steel rails for a smoother operation.

For easy car wash control and operation N/S Corporation offers patented control panels and state of the art units. Panels include single motor starters and can have an operating power of up to 75 HP.

N/S Corporation manufactures motorized water pumps and guns with a chemical injection system with powerful operation abilities. Browse through a range of motor options, hose lengths, and gun holders.

Discover N/S Corporation’s eco-friendly water recycling systems. With 10 models to choose from, customize your water reclamation system according to volume and installation location.

To protect vehicle paint and ensure spot free washes, use reverse osmosis equipment to remove salt, calcium, and magnesium carbonate from municipal water.

Not all rental fleet operators have the same cleaning needs. As a leading car wash equipment manufacturer, NS Wash understands this. That is why we offer more than standard pieces. If you need equipment to keep your rental fleet clean, we have the equipment to fit your needs.

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Specialty Equipment for a Professional Clean

Since 1961, NS Wash has been a pioneer in the vehicle wash industry, designing systems in a variety of styles. During that time, we have become a supplier to many of the nation’s most prestigious rental car agencies, automotive dealerships, auto auctions, and large fleet operations. Thanks to our dedication to being a leading car wash equipment manufacturer, we have a breadth of products and experience in this market segment that is unmatched by any competitor.

When you need durable replacement parts for your drive-thru car wash or are looking for optional pieces to add to an existing system, you’ll find it at NS Wash. Our vast inventory of specialty car wash equipment includes the most sought after machinery in categories including:

  • Activation Systems
  • Arches
  • Blower Systems
  • Reclaim Systems
  • Reverse Osmosis

When time and money are on the line, we can support you with the highest quality parts in the industry. So no matter what your needs are, trust in a leader in the field of car wash equipment manufacturers.

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  • Minimize your environmental footprint.
  • Minimize your maintenance costs.
  • Rely on the industry leader in transit and fleet wash systems.

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