Activation Systems

If you’re seeking additional equipment to add to your wash, N/S Corporation has you covered with a wide variety of add-ons, including the photoelectric eye sensor. The perfect high-quality eye activation system, this complete set has all the features you crave, perfecting your performance with one simple solution. Check out its features below and prepare to be impressed with this must-have add-on for any wash.

Photoelectric eye sensor

Electric Activation Systems

Our photoelectric eye sensor set is a complete eye activation system with aluminum support modules. Built to handle alignment, moisture, sunlight, and vibration, this high-quality set can outlast them all without suffering in terms of performance. With different voltages available to meet your individual needs, this set is suited for anyone. Units are composed of a transmitter, a receiver, an amplifier, and cables. With a sealing design, it’s ideal for high-humidity environments.

Our eye sensors are available in two varieties:

  • SYS-90 Electric eye activation system complete with aluminum support modules.
  • SYS-90-TUNNEL Electric eye activation system complete with aluminum support modules and relay box. For a tunnel system gate switch. Anti collision or add-on arch or system without panel.
Car wash activation system

Air Hose Activation System

SYS-60 Another popular activation system, this is a simple and reliable input device for sensing vehicle tires.

N/S Corporation has your activation system needs covered with these excellent products. If its impressive features didn’t get you excited enough, with our service maintenance plan, you can be sure any product will stay in top-notch shape. Rent your photoelectric eye sensor from N/S Corporation today!