N/S Wash Systems has been designing and building car washes since 1961 and has pioneered the drive-thru car wash.  N/S has become a supplier to many of the nation’s largest and most prestigious rental car agencies, automotive dealerships, auto auctions, and large fleet operations.  Our breadth of products and experience in this market segment are unmatched by any domestic or international competitor. Call Today to find out why N/S Wash Systems is consistently #1 in the fleet system marketplace.

ECO Wash Modules

ECO Wash Modules System

Explore our ECO Series wash modules for your Fleet operations.

Top of the line Eco Wash Modules will keep your wash system running with a smaller environmental footprint. Choose from six innovative models.


Optional Equipment and Parts

View our complete line of Optional Equipment and Parts.

Upgrade your existing transit wash systems with equipment like under chassis wash systems, exhaust removal, or blower systems.

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Need quality OEM replacement parts?

Shop the NS Online Parts Store and receive your personalized quote today. N/S Corporation understands that for vehicle wash operators, downtime just isn’t an option.

Keeping vehicles clean is incredibly important when running a rental car agency. Not only are clean cars the best advertising for your business , but getting rid of harmful grime can cut down on maintenance costs. If you want to keep your rental fleet as clean as possible, rely on the experts at N/S Corporation to get the job done.

Experience at Keeping Fleets Sparkling

Since the 1960s N/S Corporation has designed wash systems for vehicles of all kinds, utilizing the latest innovations. As a pioneer of the drive-thru car wash, we have supplied many of the nation’s largest and most prestigious rental car agencies, automotive dealerships, auto auctions, and large fleet operations. This has given us a wide range of products and experience that is unmatched by any competitor.

Our innovative systems include durable, eco-friendly technology that is a perfect fit for operators who want to leave a minimal impact. We have several module designs available depending on the needs of your fleet. Each of our ECO series systems are designed to meet the demanding needs of rental operators by using corrosion resistant aluminum for a longer operation life plus intricate clarifiers and filtration systems to reclaim water and cut down on utility costs.

We understand that not all rental fleets have the same cleaning needs. This is why N/S Corporation has a variety of optional pieces such as activation systems, blowers, guide rails, and more that you can add to existing systems. In addition, there are space saving washing options available, such as the mini express and the drive-in, back-out system.  So no matter what you need to keep your rental fleet looking great, you can turn to a trusted leader at N/S Corporation to cover all of your fleet’s needs with reliable and affordable equipment.

Partner with the Experts – Washing the world one vehicle at a time

  • Minimize your environmental footprint.
  • Minimize your maintenance costs.
  • Rely on the industry leader in transit and fleet wash systems.