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The ECO-7 is a revolutionary, 7-brush eco wash system that keeps the environment in mind while still offering a thorough car cleaning. The combination of deep cleaning and soft polishing allow for a complete car wash experience your customers will appreciate.

The Roll Call of Brushes

A vehicle entering the ECO-7 will first come into contact with the two pairs of flex Wrap-A-Round brushes. These brushes do the brunt of the deep cleaning, running on ½ HP motor assemblies. Next come the pair of rocker panel brushes that maneuver around whatever the flex brushes might have missed. Finally, the oscillating Front-to-Rear mitter curtain brush finishes up the washing job with its doubly powerful 1 HP motor assembly.

The Extra Touches

The best part about this eco wash system is its ease of customization. Take the ECO-7’s car washing capability even further by adding on some of the optional features. For instance, the undercarriage wash system and the wheel wash system give your customers the freedom to go the extra mile and get absolutely every surface of the vehicle touched up. And the possibilities don’t end there: browse N/S Corporation’s selection of superior car wash packages and accessories for more ideas from the industry experts.


  • Two pairs of flex Wrap-A-Round brushes with four ½ HP electric motor assemblies.
  • One oscillating Front-to-Rear mitter curtain brush with 1 HP electric motor assembly.
  • One pair of Rocker Panel brushes with two ½ HP motor assemblies.
  • PVC Piping with nozzles, DEMA & solenoid valve. For conveyor tunnel wash, use two foamers in place of DEMA & solenoid.
  • Motor Control Panel (UL Approved) – mounted on frame.
  • Driver side utility connection.
  • Polished aluminum framework, 96” clearance.

NS Wash System’s ECO Series wash systems include our patented Lammscloth brush material.

Customers will thank you by coming back again and again.  Lammscloth was designed for cleaning vehicles deeply without dulling or damaging paint finishes and clear coats.  Lammscloth works like hundreds of hand mitts, slowly covering the vehicle with the proper amount of soap and water, while thoroughly cleaning vehicles with a quiet and gentle “hand wash” motion.  Lammscloth was proven in tests by DupontTM Performance Coatings to provide the safest, longest lasting shine in the industry. The fact is, customers feel more comfortable knowing that their “pride and joy” isn’t being whipped with harsh and forceful sounding brushes.  Every business needs a competitive edge.  Lammscloth is a powerful marketing tool that creates customer loyalty, which means more business for you!

Eco wash system layout
  • Height: 11’
  • Width:  14.5′
  • Length: 18.7′
  • Vehicle Clearance: 96″
  • Voltage:   208/230/480 – 60 Hz
  • Single Point for electrical, air and chemical connections.
  • Air drying systems
  • Vacuum systems
  • Wheel wash systems
  • Water recycling systems
  • Chemical tire applicators
  • Retractable tire gloss applicator
  • High volume spinner arches
  • Excalibur conveyor
  • Aquawall
  • Bubblizer
  • Auto Hand Wax module
  • Undercarriage wash system
  • Multi-use arches


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