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Though commercial car washes are common sights, the systems and components that make up a transit or car wash comprise a niche market. When you need a system that can reliably tackle the grime that attaches to buses, trains, and other large commercial vehicles, then turn to the experience of N/S Wash.

Transit operators and retail car wash owners alike can benefit from the equipment and service of N/S Wash. Operators looking to design their own transit washes for their fleet can rely on our experience to help get things off the ground. We also benefit current facility operators who want to expand their service from private vehicle washing to include equipment designed for large-scale commercial vehicles.

With close to hundreds of bus wash systems in the New York City Transit Authority alone, N/S Wash dominates the bus, train, and large truck market both domestically and internationally.  No other vehicle wash manufacturer can match N/S Wash’s experience, quality, or technical expertise in the large fleet and transit and car wash system marketplace. Call today to find out why N/S Wash has been the leader in the transit wash industry since 1961.

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