Excalibur Over-Under Conveyor

Aug 15th 2019

NS Wash’s Excalibur Over-Under system

Believe it or not, car wash conveyor systems have relied on largely the same mechanism for the past 50 years. Despite advancements in technology, spring tension systems have defined car wash conveyor systems across the industry, despite their various drawbacks. NS Wash Corporation’s Excalibur System offers a whole new mechanism to replace the tension spring system, a four-ton screw jack. Eliminating hundreds of hours and dollars of maintenance, not to mention the need for compressed air, our Excalibur system is the newest must-have technology for your fleet and retail car wash conveyor systems.

Among other revolutionary features, the Excalibur Over-Under Conveyor system includes:

  • Onboard float pit water level safety detection.
  • All stainless-steel hardware for trouble-free maintenance.
  • Four teeth x 458 drive sprockets & single axle roller dolly for maintenance that can be performed above the top deck.
  • Heco-electric drive standard, hydraulic drive available.
  • Mechanically loosen chain for maintenance in less than 60 seconds using the four-ton screw jack.
  • No pneumatic cylinder used to maintain chain tension.

NS Wash’s Excalibur Over-Under Car Wash Conveyor

In simple terms, the Excalibur uses a four-ton jack to compress a 1600-pound spring. The chain tension can be easily actuated using any drill with a ¾” socket. Thanks to the four-ton screw jack, mechanically loosening the over-under conveyor chain for maintenance takes less than 60 seconds. Additionally, the screw jack of the Excalibur car wash conveyor can easily shift the tension from the spring to the chain, or vice versa, using a drill to move the jack from the maintenance position to the operating position, and vice versa. Our Excalibur car wash conveyor also features our unique, one point lubrication feature. Instead of searching for all the inputs to lubricate, we combined our inputs so that they are arranged together making lubrication a one-stop, simplified task. This not only saves you time during maintenance, but it also helps increase the lifetime of the conveyor system by keeping essential parts lubricated.

Introduced at the 2015 ICA show, the Excalibur combines high performance with convenient features. All grease points for the conveyor are located on a single panel, allowing easy lubrication of the idler sprocket, roller call-up, and maintenance actuator systems.

Constructed with all stainless-steel hardware and designed for both ease of maintenance as well as long working life, the Excalibur car wash conveyor is a rugged yet accessible over-under conveyor system. The UHMW C-block is left open, without a tube, meaning the block can be maintained or replaced with the removal of two bolts. We’ve seen these C-blocks last for truly impressive lengths of time, with many of our customers having not needing a C-block replacement since 2009. The electric drive of the Excalibur system operates on a five-horsepower motor. While hydraulic power is available, the electric motor option also provides savings to our customers since it requires less power to run than hydraulic.

The lack of pneumatic cylinder sets the Excalibur apart from other car wash conveyor models and allows the conveyor to keep working for your business even when compressed air isn’t available. This new over-under conveyor system also produces less noise and less friction, meaning a longer life for your equipment and more comfortable experience for your customers.

If you need a new car wash conveyor system and want to find one that won’t eat up your budget and time with maintenance and repair, we proudly recommend the Excalibur. Reach out to us today to find out more and to order yours today.