Interior Cleaning System for Buses and Other Transit Vehicles

Since 1961, we have been a leader in manufacturing high-quality cleaning systems for all types of transit, fleet, and commercial vehicles. Our bus interior cleaning system is tested and certified for its efficiency. We maintain the highest level of quality in this industry and our company is ISO 9001:2015 and UL certified.

Wind Tunnel Bus Interior Cleaning System with VDM

Dirt, dust, and debris are drawn from the interior of vehicles through the Vacuum Docking Module (VDM). The VDM’s flexible bellows door ensures a tight seal and maximum air velocity, creating a powerful wind tunnel effect that efficiently cleans the interior of unwanted debris.

bus Interior cleaning equipment

This system includes:

  • 24″ diameter heavy-duty double ply neoprene impregnated polyester flexible hose is able to mount to new or existing vacuum producers.
  • Dual pneumatic controlled telescoping beams allow the flexibility to dock to buses of varying depths and configurations.
  • Flexible bellows provide a safe, secure seal every time.
  • Bottom covered foam seals.
  • Greaseless UHMW bearings.
  • Pressurized air supply/ compressor not included.

Accelerate Cleaning Time

With tight schedules to keep, returning transit vehicles to service quickly is essential. Our VDM interior cleaning system performs interior cleaning much faster than any manual cleaning methods to offer a substantial reduction in out-of-service time.

The VDM interior cleaning system is just one item in our large inventory of transit vehicle washing systems. We invite you to explore all of the equipment that NS Corporation offers to streamline your transit cleaning operations.

With You Always

If you have any questions about our bus interior cleaning system or any of our products – whether you are starting your service or expanding your business – we are just a call away. Contact Us for more details or to learn more about our products and services.