Why Choose NS Corporation’s Car Wash Water Recycling System

At NS Corporation, we prioritize responsible water management. Our commitment to this cause is evident through the utilization of a dedicated water reclaim system. By incorporating this system into your operations, you can achieve:

  • Consistently clean and cost-effective vehicle wash solutions
  • Significant reductions in maintenance expenses
  • Environmental footprint

Explore Our Water Reclaim Systems

Discover our range of reclaim systems designed to meet specific needs and uses. Whether you require efficient water recycling solutions for a small-scale operation or a large-scale fleet vehicle washing facility, we have options ranging from 5 HP to 20 HP. Each system is meticulously engineered to ensure effective water recycling in your car wash water recycling system.



Above Ground Water Recovery Systems

  • WRS-05, WRS-10, WRS-15, WRS-20 (5 HP,10 HP,15 HP, and 20 HP Pumping Motor)
  • Dual ½ HP Pump Transfer Systems
  • PAC 3 Particle Accelerator
  • Motor Control Panel and Disconnects
  • Light and Pressure Indicators
  • In-Line Filtration System
  • Low Pressure “Shut Off” Control
  • Note: Tanks not included
Below-Ground Water Recovery Systems

Below-Ground Water Recovery Systems

  • RC-500, RC-1000, RC-1500, RC-2000 (5 HP, 10 HP, 15 HP, and 20 HP ODP Motor)
  • Includes Foot Valve, Barrel Screen, and Pressure Relief Valve
  • Optional Motor Starter available
  • 3″ Foot valve and PAC II Particle accelerator with RC-1500 and RC -2000
4M-RC500 Reclaim System

4M-RC500 Reclaim System

  • Complete with Control Panel Manifold Float Switch
Below-Ground Recovery System For Trucks and Buses (WWS-220)

Below-Ground Recovery System For Trucks and Buses (WWS-220)

  • 300 GPM capacity
  • Electrical Control Panel (UL Approved)
  • 1,500-gallon Tank with Float Controls
  • Barrel Screen Filter
  • 15 HP Self-Prime Pump. Not To Exceed 25’ From Pipe Inlet. 7.5 HP pump available.
  • 3-Inch Vertical Check Valve, Strainer, and Cam Coupler Quick Disconnect
  • Twin Cyclonic Separators
  • 1.0 Cubic Yard Sludge Cart
  • 10 HP Pump System to Provide Water to Wash Package

Make an Eco-Friendly Choice

Water conservation is an urgent concern, and our water reclaim system, designed to be an integral part of your car wash recycling system, represents a significant stride toward a greener and more sustainable future. At NS Corporation, our unwavering commitment to innovation and water conservation goes hand in hand, empowering you to take a leading role in environmental responsibility.

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At NS Corporation, we offer more than just water reclaim equipment. We provide sustainable solutions that could drive your business forward. Contact NS Corporation today to explore how our innovative offerings can benefit your operations.

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