Under-Chassis Systems

Under Chasis Wash System

SCB-FW Super Chassis Blaster cleans vehicle under chassis with high pressure hot water, fully computerized, programmable function and speed. Low volume fresh water system.  SYSTEM INCLUDES:

  • 300,000 BTU inline fresh water heater, 6 GPM Flow Ratio.
  • 6 GPM, 2,000 psi, 180 degree f hot water oscillating spray nozzles (90° to 110° Oscillating) with SPU piping movement side to side.
  • Touch screen control panel.
  • Chemical injection pump.
  • Standard for 40ft bus length.
  • Heavy-duty e-chain cable and hose carrier.
  • Stainless steel elevated chain carrier and trolley tracks.
  • Permanently lubricated dobule sealed bearings.
  • Direct drive.
Under Carriage Wash System

UCW-200 Under-carriage wash system and rust inhibitor (in ground) with one spray only.

  • Pumping system not included.
Under Carriage Wash

UCW-311 Under-carriage wash (surface mounted)with one spray only.

  • Pumping system not included.
  • Not recommended for systems with air retract.

There is a lot of equipment that cleans the tops and sides of vehicles. Vehicle owners focus on these areas to give their car a shine they can be proud of, but they aren’t the only places that need to be washed. If you have a full service wash operation you will want an under chassis wash system that can cleans places on cars that aren’t seen.

Keeping Entire Cars Clean

While the average car owner never considers washing under their vehicle’s chassis, this area needs just as much care as the rest of the car. Being the area closest to the road, the underneath of a chassis is a hotbed of grime and other damaging pollutants. This is why if you want your station to truly help customers keep their vehicles clean, it needs to be equipped with an innovative under chassis wash system.

Our programmable under chassis wash systems come with tried and true pieces designed specifically to fight the harsh road additives that corrode and wear down a vehicle’s underside. Systems include high pressure sprayers in addition to chemical injection pumps and oscillating nozzles that will keep the bottom of vehicles as clean as the rest of the car for a thorough job that will cut down on maintenance costs.