If you’d like to extend your wash’s capabilities with a comprehensive application arch, N/S Corporation can meet your needs. From free-standing models to final rinse arches, we have all the features you need, including the industry must-have 96″ vehicle clearance to suit every vehicle that comes through. Check out our models and their features below, and choose the option that suits your wash’s unique needs.



Freestanding application or final rinse arch. 96″ of vehicle clearance. 5 feet support stands. Chemical injection system not included. Space required: 1 foot.



Application or rinse arch with 96″ vehicle clearance. Mounted to support structure. DEMA injection system included.

Aluminium application arch



A single manifold aluminum arch with 4″ x 4″ square tubing. Allows for 96″ vehicle clearance for DL or RO water. Includes PVC piping, with check valve nozzle assembly and PVC valve. Space required: 1 foot.quired: 1 foot.



A single manifold aluminum arch, also with 4″ x 4″ square tubing. 96″ vehicle clearance. PVC piping. Space required: 6 feet.

Spinner application arch



A freestanding blast arch with spinners mounted on the passenger and driver side.



A freestanding high volume prep arch with 5 spinners.

Eco flooder application arch



A flooder rinse arch. Galvanized pipe arch on aluminum stands.

If your wash is in need of an application arch, N/S Corporation can meet that need. Not only are our products made according to our high manufacturing standards, but they come with a maintenance and service plan that ensures they keep working for years to come. Rent your application arch from N/S Corporation and get the wash quality you deserve.