Chemical Backroom


Chemical mixing and solenoid control panel; centralized water and air feed.


  • Central aluminum panel can be mounted directly to wall or on UNISTRUT.
  • 6 stations standard with 3 station standard solenoid manifold for non chemical components.
  • Additional station add-on optional.
  • Compressed air required.
  • May require booster pump if low water pressure.
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Injector Pumps

STANDARD with Blue White’s popular heavy duty pump head assembled with chemically resistant internals such as Teflon-coated EP diaphragms, Viton O-ring seals, Hastelloy C valve springs and PVDF cartridge fittings. In addition, each unit includes Blue White’s best PVC anti-siphon check valve with Viton seals and Polypropylene footvalve strainer. Also included is a molded acrylic flow indicator with glass float attached to suction tubing. The 520-2007 & 520-2008’s ball bearing motor provides smoother and stronger operation which can handle pressures up to a maximum of 125 PSI.

Part# 520-2006 Blue-white (115v):

  • Max Volume – 10.6 Oz/min; Max Psi=70
  • Use with auto hand wax foam application only. High volume.

520-2007 Blue-white (24v):

  • Max Volume = 5.9 Oz/min; Max Psi=125
  • Use with Non-concentrated Chemicals. Normal Volume.

520-2008 Blue-white (24v):

  • Max Volume = 1.1 Oz/min; Max Psi=125
  • Use with Concentrated Chemicals, Low Volume.
Car wash system parts

Dual Head Injector Pump

Part# 520-2009 Blue-white (115v only):

  • Dual Head Pump;
  • Max Volume = 40.4 Oz/min; Max Psi = 80.
  • Special Order Only. Engineering Approval Required.

SINJ-01 Soap Injection. Chemical pump soap injection system with solenoid manifold and bracket and cover to mount pump on machine leg.  Upgrade in lieu of dema injection system

RINJ-01 Rinse aid injection. Chemical pump injection system for rinse with solenoid manifold, bracket and cover to mount pump on machine leg. Add-on chemical pump system.