One of the biggest car wash disasters can occur when a vehicle isn’t properly aligned as it enters the wash. The car wash machinery can cause significant surface damage and superficial scratches if the vehicle isn’t in the perfect spot. The best way to ensure the car gets into the right location is with a car wash correlator.

car wash correlator belt

The Belt Correlator

This invaluable piece of equipment helps perfectly align the vehicle so that it doesn’t get damaged during the car wash cycle. The simple, intuitive design has many advantages over previous designs of belt correlators. In the past, a car wash correlator would require rollers or springs in order to operate. Rollers, however, are notorious for being constantly slippery, causing vehicles to spin out on them. And springs would often break under the incredible weight and movement of vehicles.

N/S Corporation correlators are made of heavy-duty steel that don’t require any lubrication or upkeep. The textured non slip surface prevents wheel slippage. This correlator kit fits any standard 38 x 145 car wash pit. Rather than worrying about greasing rollers, replacing springs, and getting vehicles in the wrong spot, ease your operation and your mind with a N/S Corporation correlator.


The Belt correlator consistently aligns the vehicle at the entrance of the conveyor. Simple and elegant design eliminates the need for springs or wheels.  No More greasing required.
Main Advantages:

    • No Slippery Rollers
    • No Springs to Break
    • No Lubrication Required
    • Fits Standard Pits
    • Heavy Duty Steel Construction
    • Fits standard 38” x 145” pits
    • Strong bidirectional belt
    • Rough top non slip surface
    • Unique locking mechanism for easy maintenance
    • Lightweight fiberglass grading
Car wash conveyor

Wheel Correlators

Entrance roller yoke, UHMW rollers included.

  • Part# COR-2000 36-inch wide.
  • Part# COR-2500 48-inch wide.
car wash correlator rollers

Entrance roller yoke

Part# SCD-400 Replacement Entrance roller yoke (UHMW), call for more info.