Big Mini

big mini bus wash


  • Simply the most efficient and affordable wash systems in the industry.
  • A complete Bus Wash system with a small footprint that can fit almost anywhere.
  • Two side Lammscloth brushes.
  • One Soft Turf scrubber curtain.
  • Detergent applicator with DEMA loop injector.
  • Final rinse applicator with solenoid valve.



The complete solution for your bus fleet. Our new bus wash has revolutionized the large vehicle cleaning industry with the Smallest Footprint, patented Lammscloth cleaning components, Super Flex couplings, and the ultimate in affordability.    High quality…Efficiency…Affordability!



Minimum Bay Requirements:


Height: 15’ – 17’
Width: 19’

System Dimensions:


Width: 15’
Vehicle Clearance: Height (10’ – 15’) Width (102”)



Voltage: 220 VAC 3-phase 60 Hz

The Big Mini is the most efficient and economical vehicle wash solution for your small bus or truck fleet. Revolutionizing the large vehicle cleaning industry with the smallest footprint, the Big Mini is the ultimate in affordability and quality.

Size isn’t everything when it comes to quality and design. Our Big Mini offers Lammscloth brushes that are designed to provide the gentlest but most thorough cleaning of your buses. Get a deep clean while still prolonging the shine and longevity of your buses’ paint. Plus, our Soft Turf Mitter Curtain provides a thorough and gentle cleaning for the tops and upper sides of the vehicle. For added polish and shine, upgrade to the Lammscloth Wash.

Not only is the Big Mini vehicle wash simply the most thorough and affordable wash system in the industry—it can also fit almost anywhere. Furthermore, it comes standard with superior quality components like a detergent applicator with DEMA loop injector, final rinse rinse applicator with solenoid valve and detergent applicator solenoid valve.

Customize your Big Mini with extra cleaning options, including high pressure cleaning systems, water recycling systems, undercarriage washers, air drying systems, high volume spinner arches, and more to create a car wash that is unique for your needs.

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