414B Model

The 414B automatic car wash system offers the same high-pressure and limited-friction washing method as the 414 and is ideal for washing vehicles with irregular surfaces. The addition of the side brushes can assist in the removal of mud and heavy road grime that might not be cleansed with straight high pressure volume and standard chemicals. Packed with  technology that makes it well-suited for large vehicles, it’s the right choice for an automatic transit wash system that keeps your largest vehicles looking professional and ready for service.

Make The Big Jobs Automatic

Strong Side Brushes for Washing


The standard configuration of the 414B automatic car wash system gives you a durable washing system that’s easy to use and maintain, with features that minimize time while maximizing efficiency.

  • Two tall Side brushes.
  • High-pressure arch with 10 spinners.
  • Final freshwater rinse arch.
  • 60HP free-standing pump system.
  • UL approved motor control.
  • Detergent applicator arch.
  • Detergent injection system.
  • Detergent container.
  • Undercarriage spray.
  • Skid plates.
  • 4” diameter curb rail system.
  • Activation system.
  • 1500-gallon storage tank with level switches.

Tough Equipment For The Tough Jobs

The 414B is designed for larger vehicles that require more space and resources than smaller commercial wash bays offer.

Minimum Bay Requirements:

Height: 18’ (5.49 m)
Width: 20’ (6.09 m)
Length: 70’ (21.3 m)

System Dimensions:

Vehicle Clearance Height: 15’ (4.57 m)
Vehicle Clearance Width: 9’ (2.74 m)



  • 480V 3 phase 77FLA
  • 240V 3 phase 154FLA
  • 208V 3 phase 169FLA


  • Detergent Pump: 65 psi – minimum


  • Detergent (Pre wet): 1.5 in. water line (3.81 cm)

High Pressure:

  • 3 in. (7.62 cm) without water recovery


Tailor Your Wash To Your Needs

The 414B automatic car wash system combines the best of both worlds–efficiency and strategically delivered power. This is the ideal wash system for large fleets where mud and heavy road grime are a factor. Trust your bay to the largest wash system and parts dealer on the West Coast, maintaining the highest levels of quality in the industry since 1961. Contact NS Wash for pricing information at 877-NSWASH-1 today.

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