Minimize your environmental footprint and maintenance costs simultaneously with the 5M Series 5000 bus washing machine. It’s the flagship of the NS Transit Wash Line and was inspired by our NYCTA design for high-volume, heavy-duty use. Choose from our four uniquely engineered complete bus wash systems to match your fleet’s individual needs: the 5220, the 5400, the 5420, or the 5440. Get your fleet shiny and clean with a transit NS bus cleaning machine that’s always reliable and always innovative.


System 5M-220 (Series 5000)

System 5M-400 (Series 5000)

System 5M-420 (Series 5000)

System 5M-440 (Series 5000)

Features of the 5M Series

The 5M Series is a cutting-edge bus washing machine that is designed for maximum versatility. The 5M Series is the epitome of design and functionality. It is a perfect blend of innovation and practicality, and every model of the 5M series showcases remarkable features and standards.

Each of these models includes rugged ladderized frame construction for extended life and system durability and improved chemical applicators to enhance the cleaning process and ensure that every vehicle emerges spotless after each wash.

Another standout feature of this 5M Series is the oscillating overhead scrubbers that are specifically designed to clean the roof efficiently. These scrubbers reach every challenging area and leave no spot untouched.

These 5M Series bus washing machines also have wrap-around brushes that offer full front and back coverage and the flexible brush couplings and gravity-assisted arm operation give a seamless cleaning experience.

With wrap-around brushes to thoroughly clean the front, sides, and rear of each vehicle with flexible bush couplings and gravity-assisted arm operation, the 5M Series 5000 bus wash machine offers enhanced cleaning capabilities for fleets of any size.

These superb features are what make the bus wash 5M Series stand out amongst other complete bus cleaning machines. See the power of the 5M Series yourself. Talk to our experts for more details.

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NS Corporation is known for efficient and reliable vehicle wash systems, leading the way in high-quality vehicle wash equipment that focuses on customer satisfaction and maximum cost savings. Choose the 5M series to have the cleanest vehicles on the road.

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