Auto Laundry

SYS-30  Transit Electric Eye for alternate Air Retract Activation. Mounted on brush frame.

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SYS-101  Single Activation System (Diffused Eye).  Unit includes:

  • 4″x4″ Stand.
  • Requires timer (#720-1160) for use as a stand alone unit, arch add-on, or a system without an available panel.

SYS-201  Transit Activation System with structural aluminum support. Diffuse electronic eye with a backup air activation hose.

Not only does N/S Corporation manufacture some of the best transit wash systems in the world, but we also offer individual pieces of equipment that can be retrofitted to an older wash system. Some benefits of these upgrades include increased efficiency and a lower accident rate due to improved vehicle length and width recognition, which means any car wash activation system can be installed with confidence. Our maintenance programs allow system owners to talk to support staff during working hours and give you the means to have a critical component repaired on-site in a timely manner.

Upgrade Your N/S Corporation Wash Unit or Improve Your Older Unit

We understand car wash owners’ desire to expand the scope of their businesses to large commercial vehicles. With the help of the experienced professionals at N/S Corporation, you can install an advanced car wash activation system with ease and be on your way to having one of the most cutting-edge wash units in your area. Activation equipment, such as photoelectric eyes and air activation hoses, allow the wash system to recognize the various attributes of a vehicle and give it a more precise wash. In today’s competitive market, it is extremely important to operate a system that is compatible with the constantly changing design trends of the auto industry.