Rain Testing with Hitachi Rail

Rain Testing with Hitachi Rail

Jul 24th 2023

NS Corporation is in the process of completing a rain test system for Hitachi Rail in Hagerstown Maryland. Hitachi is one of the leading rolling stock manufacturers in the world, as they have over 100 years of experience building commuter trains, trams, driverless trains, high speed trains, subway trains and monorail solutions. 

This NS / Hitachi design build features three 75 horsepower pumps and a below ground water recovery system. Through innovative design, using high pressure, each railcar manufactured by Hitachi undergoes rain leak testing to insure the integrity of the rolling stock, to protect the complex componentry built into the railcars and also eventual commuters. 

Hitachi hopes to produce up to 20 railcars per month using a single shift at their Hagerstown facility. NS is proud to assist Hitachi with critical quality control. “Our leak testing systems are a natural derivation of our expertise in washing trains for decades. We are grateful to have been chosen by Hitachi as a supplier and a partner” said President Christopher Altschul.

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