What NS Wash Has Been Up To: Our Recent Retail System Installs

Dec 17th 2019

Our car wash parts are used worldwide. Business owners recognize that NS Corporation stands out among other car wash manufacturers for a number of reasons. Our systems are extremely efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly, helping car washes to reduce waste while saving time, money, and resources.

We’re thrilled to announce our recent work with Harbor City Car Wash, an outstanding company in Harbor City, CA. Harbor City Car Wash is more than just a great place to get an affordable, sparkling-clean wash—it’s a company that works hard to support its local community with a variety of fundraising efforts. Naturally, we were thrilled to team up.

An Eco-Friendly Company

When it comes to car wash parts, Harbor City Car Wash has excellent taste. The top-rated company opted for one of our most popular systems: the ECO-5. This system was a superb choice because Harbor City Car Wash strives to be a sustainable, environmentally-friendly company.

Harbor City Car Wash is known for offering advanced 3-minute express wash technology. In addition to speed, the company recognizes the importance of conserving water, especially in California. Harbor City Car Wash also uses eco-friendly chemicals to further reduce its environmental impact. Clearly, NS Corporation was the right fit to install a system that provides cutting edge technology with environmentally-friendly processes.

More About the ECO-5

The ECO-5 and its corresponding car wash parts are an ideal option for medium to large operations. It’s an excellent choice for retail car washes that may eventually want to expand into the fleet and rental markets. Combining eco-friendly features with exceptional performance, the ECO-5 is a powerhouse that offers unmatched versatility.

One of ECO-5’s major selling points is its five-brush system. Many car wash manufacturers prefer our Lammscloth brushes because they consistently deliver deep cleaning without damaging the vehicle’s finish. Like hundreds of hand mitts gently washing a vehicle, the delicate motion provides that hand-washed look without the labor.

Beyond offering incredible performance, using Lammscloth car wash parts is a great marketing tool. Many customers are hesitant to use retail car washes because they don’t want to cause damage to their vehicle. Companies that use Lammscloth can reassure their customers that these systems will pose no danger, naturally driving customer loyalty and boosting business.

Other Innovative Features

The ECO-5 comes packed with cutting-edge features, many of which are patented. It’s also compatible with many different optional add-ons, making it one of the most versatile systems in the industry. If you’re looking for a car wash system that can grow with your company, you can’t go wrong with the ECO-5 and its many features and compatible car wash parts.

Here are some of the other base features included with the ECO-5 vehicle wash system:

  • Durable polished aluminum framework with 96” of clearance
  • Flex Wrap-A-Round brushes controlled with dual ½ HP electric motor assemblies
  • Oscillating front-to-rear mitter curtain brush powered by 1 HP electric motor assembly
  • Rocker panel brushes with dual ½ HP assemblies
  • UL-approved motor control panel mounted on the frame for convenience access
  • Utility connection on the driver’s side
  • PVC piping with DEMA, nozzles, solenoid valve, and DEMA

Here are some of the optional NS Corporation car wash parts you can incorporate to expand your system:

  • Vacuum systems
  • Air Drying systems
  • Wheel wash systems
  • High volume spinner arches
  • Arches (multi-use)
  • Chemical tire applicators
  • Water recycling systems
  • Retractable tire gloss applicator
  • Excalibur conveyor
  • Bubblizer
  • Aquawall
  • Auto Hand Wax module
  • Undercarriage wash system

Upgrade Your Wash System

If you’re in the Harbor City area, we encourage you to stop by Harbor City Car Wash at 1209 Lomita Blvd in Harbor City, CA to see the ECO-5 in action. The company is highly regarded by local residents, and we are honored that they use our car wash parts.

NS Corporation has continued engineering and manufacturing the world’s most efficient and sustainable car wash systems since 1961. Today, in an industry saturated with car wash manufacturers, we’re proud to stand out from the rest. To learn how we can help boost your company’s bottom line, please contact us now. Invest in the future of your car wash today.