Introducing NS Wash’s NEW Transit Mitter Curtain!

May 31st 2019

NS Washes new, Transit Mitter Curtains.

Evolving With Our Customers

You may have noticed buses looking a little different these days. Newer more eco-friendly bus designs bring many welcome new features: better seating design, more reliable safety features, and, in the case of any buses across the US, relocating mechanical and system equipment to the roof of the vehicle. As bus and transit vehicle designs evolve to maximize longevity and performance, and to suit more stringent environmental regulations, so too must the automatic car wash equipment and bus washing equipment being used to clean and service these fleets of transit vehicles.

To that end, NS Corporation is proud to present its latest in our series of cutting-edge bus washing equipment: Our new NS Wash Transit Mitter Curtain! Tailored to meet the needs of an ever-evolving transit fleet and sporting new design features to make your automatic wash systems even faster and more efficient, our new Transit Mitter Curtain prevents the little snags that the new roof-mounted bus systems have experienced in other transit wash systems.

Transit Mitter Curtain

Finding New Ground

Our new NS Wash Transit Mitter Curtain is gentler, more ecologically efficient, and just plain better-designed than your typical automatic car wash equipment mitter curtain. We’ve also adapted an unlikely new material into our Transit Mitter Curtains to help better deep-clean even the most weathered of transit buses: artificial turf. That’s right! At NS Wash, we’ve taken what makes for a poor replacement for grass on a soccer field and transformed it into a superior cleaning surface for our new industrial-level bus washing equipment. Our new shorter Transit Mitter Curtains don’t catch on the roof of new buses the way older curtain systems often do, and the turf at the ends of these curtains is uniquely suited for automatic car wash equipment and get into the various nooks and crannies of the newly designed buses and their more mechanics-heavy roofs.


While soft to the touch, our artificial turf mitter curtains provide a far more effective clean than your run-of-the-mill automatic car wash equipment. The dense turf fibers are ideal for scrubbing out dirt, grit, and grime from bus surfaces after a long day on the roads. The turf in these Transit Mitter Curtains is more abrasive than conventional cloth mitter curtains and extremely durable, ensuring a considerable lifetime on the turf brush heads while also maximizing their swift effectiveness in eliminating buildup from the tight seams and corners of the bus’ roof. At NS Wash, we are confident that this new product will soon be a cornerstone of automatic car wash equipment everywhere. Among its many features, our new Transit Mitter Curtains include:

  • A shorter length that reduces tangles and snags along the roof of the bus. This can save you significant time in the wash process, as well as minimizing catches that might result in damage to the bus or the bus wash system.
  • New mixed materials improve your final results. These standard mitter curtains with artificial turf ends provide unparalleled deep clean.
  • Compatible with all modern automatic car wash system, large and small. Your old mitter curtains can be easily upgraded to our turf mitter curtain.

We’re naturally very excited to share this new innovation with our customers. It’s the next step in a long line of innovations we’ve been bringing to market since our founding in 1961. If you’d like to find out more about the newest addition to our automatic car wash system offerings or learn more about NS Wash, we warmly invite you to explore our collection of quality transit wash systems or contact us directly!