Comparing Commercial Vehicle Wash Systems

Jan 7th 2020

Comparing Commercial Vehicle Wash Systems 

Most of our readers will be familiar with the sight of a car wash. For many, it’s an iconic sight, part of a car culture that helped to define America through much of the 20th-century. Fewer people, however, have seen the massive industrial spaces where buses, rental cars, and even trains get cleaned. While many of the basic principles and equipment carry across all vehicle wash systems, large-vehicle (like bus wash systems) and fleet car wash systems use a variety of equipment not seen at commercial car washes.

Commercial Vehicle Wash Systems: The Dirty Details

The basic difference between retail, rental, and transit wash systems is what vehicles they service and the size of the operation. Retail car wash operations serve the everyday public and tend to have smaller conveyor-and-tunnel setups. With retail car washes, attention to detail is the key to success, as well as the swift turnaround time. A customer won’t come back to your retail wash if they aren’t impressed by the results!

With fleet car wash systems, such as those used by rental car companies, the complexity and scale of the operation go up dramatically. An average rental car dealership can have easily a couple of hundred cars for rent, and every one of those cars needs regular cleaning. Fleet car wash operations work to get the most out of their equipment, and rely on systems they know can withstand thousands of wash cycles.

Transit wash systems cover buses, trains, and other large public transit vehicles, and the scale of the operation rises again. Public transit vehicles require regular cleaning and washing to help maintain a comfortable space for passengers. These operations rely on large systems -- like extensive train and bus wash systems -- that can often service several large vehicles at once, and often employ high-powered and extensive hose and brush systems to cut down on time for each wash.

While fleet car wash, retail wash, and bus wash systems are designed for different purposes and types of vehicles, the basics remain the same.

Sustainable Success

Some commercial vehicle wash system equipment is universal: it’s only the scale of these machines that changes. While a fleet wash system might need an 8-foot clearance to accommodate all vehicles, a train or bus wash system might require double that clearance, and with similarly large brushes and mitter curtains. No matter what size system you have, however, sustainability and eco-friendly business practices are becoming a must in commercial vehicle wash systems.

At NS Corporation, we’ve incorporated many of our resource-saving innovations from our fleet car wash ECO systems into our larger bus wash systems. Our signature 3M Series, in particular, prioritizes sustainability, using less water and energy to create that same spotless finish every customer expects. Our eco-friendly car wash systems include retail, fleet, and transit wash system parts like lammscloth mitter curtains and brushes also provide a deeper clean than their name-brand equivalents without putting any additional strain on your energy or water bills.

The NS Wash Advantage

If you’re thinking of starting or expanding a wash operation, NS Corporation can help. Our half-decade of experience and innovation gives us the insight and expertise needed to help all of our transit, retail, and fleet car wash clients make the most of their business and its equipment. Reach out to us today to see how we can help!