Our NS Wash Transit System Series

Dec 17th 2019

Using dependable, efficient transit wash systems is vital to the success of your organization. We’re thrilled to present two outstanding NS car wash systems: the 3000 Series and the 5000 Series. Both are meticulously designed and engineered to deliver the performance you need to keep buses and other large commercial vehicles in sparkling condition

Read on to learn about the unique features and benefits associated with each model. As always, our experts are standing by to assist you in making an informed decision if you have any questions. Here’s a brief introduction to our cutting-edge transit wash systems.

The 3000 Series

Our 3000 Series is all about sustainability and functionality. Rather than creating complicated machines that are prone to failure and demand constant maintenance, we design simple, elegant wash systems that are extremely efficient and cost-effective. These units offer ample power to remove dirt and grime from large vehicles without wasting power and water.

System 3000

The System 3000 was originally designed for the New York City Transit Authority (NYCTA). These highly efficient transit wash systems are capable of washing as many as 80 buses in a single hour. On average, these systems clean around 200 buses every day. You can also adjust it to accommodate smaller vehicles.  If it works in NYC, it’ll work anywhere!

The System 3000 uses four Wrap-A-Round brushes to clean the rear, front, and side of a vehicle not once, but twice. There are also two oscillating overhead brushes that thoroughly scrub the vehicle’s roof without damaging antennas or lights. If you need a solid, reliable wash system, you can’t go wrong with the System 3000.

System 3100

The System 3100 was designed for washing school buses, but these versatile transit wash systems can handle all types of transit vehicles. This unit features a rugged 6-legged frame and ultra-high molecular density polyethylene pillow block bearings.

The dual Wrap-A-Round brushes are controlled by a high-performance air retract system for cleaning the front, rear, and sides of the vehicle. The double overhead scrubber is meticulously designed to clean dirty roofs without harming lights, safety side signs, or mirrors. These NS car wash systems can be contoured to meet your vehicles’ configuration.

System 3250

Like the System 3000, the System 3250 was designed to meet the intense demands of the NYCTA. These transit wash systems are perfect for medium-sized operators. They boast a set of two side brushes that rotate opposite to the dual Wrap-A-Round brushes for unmatched cleaning efficiency. This unit also features double overhead scrubbers for damage-free roof cleaning.

The 5000 Series

The 5000 Series is our revolutionary flagship lineup. These comprehensive cleaning systems are suited for operators that deal with high volumes and consistent, heavy-duty usage. Powerful, rugged, and reliable, these systems are used by the NYCTA and many other large organizations.

The 5000 Series is designed specifically with versatility in mind, so it’s a great choice for operators who need transit wash systems to wash vehicles of varying shapes and sizes. These systems are also easy to upgrade so your washing system can grow with your organization.

Here are just a few of the upgrades associated with the 5000 Series:

  • Rugged ladderized frame construction for added durability
  • Improved chemical applicators
  • Lammscloth scrubbers for efficient, gentle washing

System 5220

The System 5220 features a pair of side brushes and a pair of single hung Wrap-A-Round brushes with air retract control. The oscillating scrubber digs deep into dirt and grime without damaging any of the vehicle’s components. Feather-tipped brushes further protect the vehicle’s finish. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, you can depend on these tough transit wash systems to handle rigorous daily use.

System 5400

The System 5400 boasts two pairs of single hung Wrap-A-Round brushes with air retract control and an oscillating scrubber. It also features a side-to-side top mitter curtain. These versatile units can accommodate vehicles of nearly any size and shape, thanks to its gravity-assisted arm operation and flexible brush couplings.

System 5420

The System 5420 is differentiated by its dual pairs of sectional Wrap-A-Round brushes with air retract and single pair of maintenance-free side brushes. These NS car wash systems also come fully loaded with the same features as the 5400 transit wash systems, including the oscillating scrubber, feather-tipped brushes, and aircraft-grade aluminum construction.

System 5440

The System 5440 delivers the same powerful features as the 5420 with the addition of an extra pair of single hung Wrap-A-Round brushes with air retract. The 5440 is modular in design, allowing transit organizations to customize and upgrade their systems as needed.

Experience the Difference

Each one of these transit wash systems offers its own unique benefits. It all comes down to your organization’s requirements. Regardless of which model you choose, you can anticipate faster turnaround times, cleaner vehicles, and a reduced workload.

We create transit wash systems that work. It’s that simple. Our streamlined approach means you’re wasting less money, water, time, and energy. Some of the world’s largest transit authorities depend on NS Wash systems day after day, year after year. Once you start using our systems, you’ll understand why.

Make an Informed Choice

Recognizing that a new transit vehicle system is a major purchase, we’re here to help you to make the right decision. We realize that there’s a lot of information to take in, and the technical details can be a bit overwhelming. That’s where we come in.

We’re known for our exceptional customer service, so please feel free to get in touch with a specialist who can help you decide which of our transit wash systems will work best at your facility. Contact us now, and start boosting your bottom line with a more sustainable, efficient, and versatile transit washing solution.