Our “Bubblizer” Arch: Create a Halloween-Themed Wash

Nov 8th 2018

Going to the car wash doesn’t have to be a dull experience for your customers. Equipment like the Bubblizer arch from N/S Wash combine brightly colored soaps, lighting, and more for a car wash theme that makes for a memorable customer experience. The Bubblizer is perfect for creating a custom look at any time of the year; especially around holidays as a one-of-a-kind car wash promotional idea – especially during Halloween.

Your facility can adjust its offerings throughout the year to take advantage of holiday and seasonal opportunities to earn increased value. Halloween is one of the most popular holidays of the year, so take this opportunity to create an engaging customer experience with the right car wash promotional ideas.

Bubblizer Halloween Themes

Autumn tends to be a lull for many businesses with summer drives in the rear view mirror and the grime from chemicals used to clear icy roads not yet an issue. This gives you an opportunity to create a memorable experience for your customers that’ll keep them entertained with a premium wash that ensures they’ll keep coming back.

Imagine your car wash theme including the Bubblizer’s foam and soap bubbling up like witch’s brew or dripping from the ceiling like monster slime. Lighting effects can be added for a drive-thru haunted house feel. Or, you can easily combine the Bubblizer with other car wash equipment for a custom experience that will attract and entertain customers.

Bubblizer Arch Features

  • Chemical applicator arch offers a brilliant light show to drivers.
  • Multi-color lights available.
  • Bubbles increase the chemical efficiency of soap and wax.
  • Can be used to create themes that draw customers.

Bubblizer Arch Specifications

  • Vehicle Clearance: 8 ft.
  • PVC internal Bubblizer plumbing manifold
  • Built-in DEMA chemical injection
  • 1.5 HP / 120 VAC / single phase / 7A motor


Creating a custom car wash theme doesn’t have to be a scary or stressful experience. The Bubblizer can easily fit over established systems or mounted to a free-standing arch to create a new piece of equipment. So, there’s no worry about down time or installation costs. A variety of options are available including multi-color lights, different powder coating colors, a chemical dosing pump, and more.

Give your facility a unique entertainment value that other car washes can’t offer. Call (877) NSWASH-1 (877-679-2741) for more information or contact us online.